Documentary about Falcon Founder, Chuck Holmes in the Works

Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story is being produced by a group of filmmakers who want to tell the story of the man who founded Falcon Studios.  Not only did he build a porn empire, he was an integral figure in the building the gay rights movement, and changed the way generations of gay men saw themselves.

A team of documentary filmmakers is out to provide insight into his dynamic lifey tracing Chuck’s history from the wild 70s and go-go 80s to the philanthropic 90s. Through Falcon, Chuck generated a highly successful business; through his philanthropy, he helped build political organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and the Victory Fund.

Through rare footage and interviews with the Falcon directors and stars (including Jim Bentley, Tom Chase and Zak Spears), Seed Money helps tell the story of one of the gay community’s most complicated … and least known figures.

Falcon is assisting the filmmakers with access and rare footage, but the film itself is independent — and the filmmakers are looking to the fans for help. You can check out their new trailer for “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story” and learn more about how you can get involved with making this documentary a reality by clicking here and visiting the Kickstarter page supporting the project.

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  1. Dennis Forbes

    November 23, 2011 at 6:37 am

    I wonder why, as one of the few people still on the planet who worked with Chuck Holmes as Falcon Studios’ art director and stills photographer from 1977-79 and 1980-85, have not been contacted regarding this project. I am currently working on a book project for Bruno Gmunder (BARE ESSENTIALS: Memoirs of a Homoeroticist) about my career as FRED BISONNES, in which Falcon Studios (& Chuck Holmes) are treated in depth.

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