Stunning Coffee Table Book, Gay Porn Heroes, Features Numerous Falcon & Raging Stallion Icons

After the recent launch of Gay Porn Heroes,  we sat down with author/editor, JC Adams, and asked him about his beautifully designed and exceptionally written coffee table book.  Check out the interview to learn more about the book, how he chose the name and who he thinks is the quintessential Falcon man.

How did “Gay Porn Heroes” come about?

I was interviewed for a previous book called “Porn: From Andy Warhol to X-Tube” and the publisher, Bruno Gmunder, wanted to do another one like it. At the same time, they didn’t want to just put out another photobook. They wanted some text to give the book more depth and entertainment value. They asked me to pitch some ideas and we came up with “Gay Porn Heroes.”

How did you decide on that title?

It was originally called “Gay Porn Icons” because the theme of the book is a celebration of iconic imagery across four decades of all-male adult entertainment. But we decided on “Heroes” rather than “Icons” because we wanted to convey a certain idea about the men in the book. The essays in the book explore what each model represents to their fans and to gay culture and so the idea to celebrate them as heroes felt right.

There are 100 porn models arranged into categories: “The European Fantasy, “The Blonds,” “The Boys Next Door,” “The Macho Men,” and so on. How did you decide on that and how did you narrow it down?

Well, everybody likes a list. It gives people something to argue about and debate. As for narrowing it down, it was a painful process. Only two companies turned me down when we approached them about obtaining artwork. Everyone else was very helpful. But the book was produced on a tight schedule and there just wasn’t enough time to find print-quality artwork for some men I felt should be in there, especially the guys from the 1970s and early ’80s. People really didn’t think about preserving photos, press releases, model releases and other paperwork from that era. Thank god for the Falcon Studios archive, which is very well-maintained and rich with content.

There are a fair number of men from Falcon and Raging Stallion in the book.

Yes. I couldn’t do a book like this and not acknowledge the gigantic effect Chuck Holmes and his protégés have had on the industry. There were so many guys to consider. I had the same problem—which is a good problem to have, let me say—when looking at all of the models from Raging Stallion. I had to pick men who I felt represented something; a look, an era, something along those lines.

Just so people understand, there are 100 models in “Gay Porn Heroes” and you write about each of them.

Yes, there are something like 110 mini-essays in the book and I wrote every word. I tried to put them in context and talk about why they are considered iconic. There are some fresh interviews, too. Chi Chi LaRue, Jerry Douglas, Lukas Ridgeston, Randy Blue, Francois Sagat and a few others gave me new interviews.

This might be an impossible question, but who is the quintessential Falcon star?

I would have say Kurt Marshall. He was so blond and beautiful and gorgeous, but he was also relatable and someone who just was made to be on the big screen. He only made a handful of movies and left us far too early. But he came along at just the right time to have a huge impact on the industry and gay culture at the time.

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  1. Matt

    December 20, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    An interesting choice for the quintessential Falcon Man, but I can’t honestly think of a better choice than J.C. Adams’ pick of Kurt Marshall, because he really WAS the “Everyman” that epitomized what Falcon was trying to put out in that time. Even in 2011, Marshall’s performances are timeless and VERY hot.

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