Model Spotlight: Dean Monroe

The stunning and spectacular, Dean Monroe has been featured in some of the most popular recent Falcon and Raging Stallion releases.  This UK bottom with a nice, uncut cock has bedroom eyes, signature mustache and runway-model looks that captivate fans.  For his accomplishments in the gay porn world, he took home the Grabbys Wall of Fame Award in 2011, and he’s working on a limited edition book entitled Dean Monroe’s World, which will be a glossy, coffee-table book covering his life and career.   This week marks the release of his newest Falcon Studios project, Point & Shoot.

Point & Shoot (Falcon Studios)
Longboard (Falcon Studios)
Forced Entry (Mustang)
Riding Hard (Falcon Studios)
Bedroom Eyes (Raging Stallion Studios)
Instinct (Raging Stallion Studios)
Up All Night
(Falcon Studios)
Cross Country, Part 1 (Falcon Studios)
Cross Country, Part 2 (Falcon Studios)
Heaven to Hell (Falcon Studios)
Bang Bang! (Mustang)
Bootstap (Falcon Studios)
Taking Flight, Part 1 (Falcon Studios)
Kept (Falcon Studios)

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