On Monday, June 9th Erik Rhodes celebrates being another year wiser, so what do you get the guy who no matter what you buy him – will probably think you got him something useless and queer? Well, since we we’re so far away and can’t at least take him out to a nice dinner we thought about sending him a cake – but that idea was shot down; then we thought about having Satan sing Happy Birthday to him but ruled that out since the real Satan was unavailable; then we thought about getting a small group of friends together but didn’t wanna take any chances with THAT since we’re not sure how he’d react. SO, to be on the safe side we send out a little Happy Birthday to Erik Rhodes that shouldn’t be offensive to him or anyone else. But, if you’re determined to send Erik something – we have a feeling THIS just may be the perfect gift!

In a bizarre twist of fate, Erik’s birth date of Monday, June 9th also happens to be the online release date for “Afterparty” – Erik’s big threescene movie in which he ‘celebrates’ in a way that only Erik Rhodes could celebrate. All we’ll say is that at one point fellow Exclusive Tony Capucci and a couple of other revelers deliver a bottle of Champagne to Erik’s…well…let’s just say that they ‘deliver’ it. You can see “Afterparty” online June 9th, by joining the Falcon website or see it on DVD June 23rd. Trust us – get the membership – don’t wait until June 23rd!!


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