A Porn Star’s Work Is Never Done…

While all of you Roman fans out there who tuned in on Weds 06/11 at 6pm to see his web show already know what went down, our boy wonder was stuck on a film set (yep it was our fault!) which went way into overtime.

We’re sorry for any of you who were disappointed, but chin up! We’ve rescheduled him for next Wednesday, June 18th @ 6pm PST!  Our film will be wrapped by then, so he’ll be all yours!

For those of you who missed it or want to know how to see and interact with Roman live on cam, just sign up for FalconXXX! In addition to our Exclusive Model web-shows, all XXX members get 50% off our DVD and latex products. The best part of all?  Unlimited VOD streaming access to our entire library, with the ability to see new releases in their entirety weeks before they hit store shelves.

Thanks again for your patience guys! Again, Roman will be back on Wednesday, June 18th @ 6pm PST

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