Jimmy Fanz is the Newest Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios Exclusive

Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios announced that they have reached an exclusive, long-term contract with fresh talent, Jimmy Fanz.  The newest Exclusive to sign on with the studios, Jimmy Fanz is a versatile, handsome performer who has all the makings of a major star in the gay adult industry.

In a recent visit to San Francisco, Fanz met with Chris Ward, President of Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios, and Ward had him shoot a solo screen test.  The performance was so good that the scene was added to this week’s new Raging Stallion release, Fucked Down (release date April 27). Fanz was then immediately cast in the upcoming JOCKS feature, ­­­­­­­Knockouts & Takedowns (release date June 25).  His outstanding sexual performance in this hot wrestling and boxing themed production led to his being offered the coveted Exclusive contract. Starting this Sunday, April 29, he will regularly appear on FalconStudios.com Live Shows as well.

“Jimmy’s got everything it takes to be a huge star. His versatility is not only about sexual positions; he also has a look that transcends all of the Raging Stallion and Falcon video lines.  A solid physique dusted with hair, a handsome face and a great ass and hefty cock give him the potential to be cast in any of the studios’ lines,” comments Ward. “In addition to all that, he’s a great guy to be around, and he has a special intensity and excitement when he’s performing – it’s an energy that I have noticed in all the exclusives I have signed who went on to be big stars.”

“When I was at the FabScout office filling out the application to become one of their models, I turned around and saw a poster of Raging Stallion star, Jake Deckard.  That was the moment I decided I wanted to be a Raging Stallion and Falcon Exclusive.  Just like when I first watched porn, and decided I wanted to be a pornstar; seeing this poster, gave me the goal of working for Raging Stallion & Falcon,” states Fanz. “After I met with Chris Ward and the team at Raging Stallion and Falcon, I was even surer of this goal, because everyone there is amazing.   You can only imagine how excited I was when they offered me an Exclusive contract.   I feel like I’m right where I belong.  I can’t thank Chris Ward and Howard at FabScout enough.”

Jimmy Fanz can be found on Twitter – @JimmyFanz and he has a Facebook Fan page.


  1. Ron

    April 25, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Great looking guy! Hot! Can’t wait to see more of him..naked!!

  2. John Burke

    October 1, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Damn Dude You Have Taste! You managed to sing-up the Best of The Best! Jimmy is One Super Hunk in Every Way! Proud of ya Guy!
    I am a’ Proud Gay Texas Cowboy and NO PERV at all. Got My Pardner of many years.

    This New Guy just so Captures my Imagination and seems so Shy and Sweet who could not LOVE HIM???????
    Just wish there was a’ way to contact him or at least let him know how much he is thought of!
    Any to get an Autograghed Pic of Jimmy from him to Me? Happy to Pay for on Pay Pal Or?
    I don’t Tweet and am not on Facebook. My email address is : talltexan371@att.net…….Please Contact in some Fashion. Love your sites and always have sent them to some Great Friends and Pals……..Thanks so much…John….TEX

  3. John Burke

    October 3, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Hey – How can I contact Jimmy Fanz? I LOVE This Dude and want a way to get in touch with him. How do I goin his fan club?
    May I say you at Falcon Studios are The Freakin’ Best and to Have Got Jimmy Fanz are Very Smart as well. He is The Red Hottest Dude to come along in Years!
    So Freakin’ Sweet, Good Looking and Has a’ Fantastic Hairy Bod!
    I just Want In, PLEASE!
    My only problem is as a proud gay Texas Cowboy, I do not Tweet, and am not on Facebook.
    A’ Huge Fan of your Site and send it to all my Great Friends!

  4. John Burke

    October 3, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Jimmy are you There???????

  5. John Burke- TEX

    January 21, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Hey Jimmy- Ya are just “FREAKINFANDAMNTASTIC” every way DUDE!
    This Proud Gay Texas Cowboy needs your email address!!!!!!! Please Contact!!!!
    John,… TEX

  6. John Burke

    January 25, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Hey Jimmy- You are so The “FREAKINDAMNTASTIC” Max Lookin’ and Oh so Sexy porn Dude! Bod Like None Other and Cute as Hell. Please contact this Proud Gay Real Texas Cowboy. Jimmy You are The Best Of The Best!
    Love ya Dude!!!
    Love ya Dude, Your Super Hugh Fan and Pal, John…TEX Please contact dude as I only email, No Tweet Nor Facebook….. Jimmy Ya are so Damn Beautiful in Every Way!

  7. John Burke- TEX

    March 11, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    Hey Guys- What-Up with our Super Star Jimmy Fanz? Now I’m hearing that he has broken away from Both Falcon Studios and Raging and that he is Not Really Gay at all. WOW Burst my Bubble Guys!
    Is this all TRUE?
    Please contact John…TEX @ talltexan371@att.net…..
    You are and always have been my Favorite site for Gay Male Sex and Great Pics and Vidios!
    Really want the Truth……..

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