Cabin Fever, Part 1 Now Available

San Francisco based, JOCKS Studios has announced the release of Cabin Fever, Part 1. Steve Cruz has put his signature touch on the latest JOCKS release, displaying his talent for inspiring great performances from models and capturing the hottest action on film. In Cabin Fever, Part 1, Cruz captures blazing scenes showing what happens when seven JOCKS get stuck in a cabin in the woods with little to do.

Exclusive Donny Wright, Micah Brandt and Andrew Jakk are joined by fan favorites Spencer Fox, Chris Tyler, Boston Miles and Dylan Roberts. They all try to relieve their boredom by shooting some pool or playing dominoes or cards, but that’s not enough to keep these sexy All-American JOCKS occupied. They’re horned up and burning up with Cabin Fever.

The sexual tension and excitement they’re experiencing cannot be contained, and they’re thinking about much naughtier games to play with their hot friends. Eventually, their Cabin Fever pushes them over the edge into heated exchanges that end in explosive action that will have fans jerking right along with them.

Cabin Fever, Part 1 (JVP152) is available in retail stores and online at the Falcon Studios Store.

“These hot JOCKS all jumped right on board with the ideas I had for Cabin Fever, Part 1, and they threw themselves into uninhibited, fun sex,” comments Cruz. “These seven studs are some of the hottest up-and-coming stars in the industry, and you’ll see why when you watch Cabin Fever, Part 1. ”

“This JOCKS release has signature moments that remind me of the best JOCKS movies of all time,” excitedly states Falcon/Raging Stallion president Chris Ward. “Cruz really filmed spectacular fucking and captured the essence of JOCKS in the process. It’s all about young, sexy men exploring their erotic, lusty desires and fantasies and playing them out with their hot jock buddies. What better scenario to play this out, than seven studs being stuck in a cabin with nothing else to do, but each other?”

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