Unprecedented in Gay Porn: Falcon Studios Releases Falcon 10 Pack

One Package – 10 DVDs – 88 Men for Only $99.99

Falcon Studios announced today that it has created a new value product – the Falcon 10 Pack.  In this unprecedented product in the gay porn market, Falcon packaged ten of its finest DVDs together and is offering the pack for the value price of $99.99. The ten full-length original DVD releases from Falcon Studios feature tons of hardcore, super-charged action with 88 of the hottest Falcon men ever filmed.

Spanning four decades of the best gay porn ever produced, Falcon selected ten of the most popular titles in their library for the inaugural Falcon 10 Pack. The titles were directed by world-class porn producers including Chris Ward, Steven Scarborough, John Rutherford, ChiChi LaRue, Bill Clayton and more.

With release dates as recent as 2010, the ten titles include  Big Wood (FVP204), Inntrigued (FVP200), Fleet Week (FVP183), Hustle and Cruise (FVP177), Beefcake (FVP164), Longshot…Making the Game (JVP 119), Lumberjacked: Crimes Against Nature (MVP069), Sting: A Taste for Leather (FVP124), Splash Shots (FVP040) and Steam Heat (FVP018).  Each DVD is individually labeled with the original DVD art and housed securely in an attractive case which also includes a description and cast list of each movie.  Many of the popular DVDs included are going out of print and have limited availability, so the Falcon 10 Pack is the last chance for fans to get some of these popular titles.

“The Falcon 10 Pack is the best value pack on the market today with some of the most popular gay releases ever, featuring work of the best directors and most spectacular performers in the business ,” comments Falcon/Raging Stallion president Chris Ward.  “Our goal with the Falcon 10 Pack was to showcase Falcon and its high quality DVD products filled with the hottest sex and studs at a price that’s accessible to every follower of gay male erotica.  When fans get their hands on this new product, I’m sure they’ll agree that we achieved that goal.”

The Falcon 10 Pack is currently exclusively available on FalconStudios.com, GayDVD.com, RagingStallion.com.  It will also be exclusively available from TLAVideo.com for retail purchase from May 16, 2012 to August 16, 2012, at which time it will be available from Pulse Distribution for wholesale orders.

FVP204 – Big Wood

Along hidden trails, in private campsites and around rustic cabins, there is pleasure to be found in these woods, and our horny cast is on the prowl – eager to stake their claim and watch their mighty timbers rise.

Directed by John Bruno

Landon Conrad
Chaz Riley
Jayden Grey
Zac Blake
Dominic Pacifico
Aden Jaric
Steven Daigle
Landon Mycles
Mitchell Rock

FVP200 – Inntrigued

All the hot and bothered guests who’ve come down to the inn for some rest and relaxation quickly find the hospitable front desk man and his cohorts eager to generate some serious man action.

Directed by John Bruno


Aden Jaric
Jordan Jaric
Landon Conrad
Rod Daily
John Magnum
Leo Giamani
Tommy Defendi
Roman Heart
Benjamin Bradley

FVP183 – Fleet Week

The fleet’s in town, and what else do horny sailors do on shore leave? Officers and enlisted men alike succumb to the charms of the city, and, more importantly, sail into the arms of other hot-blooded and horny men.

Directed by John Bruno


Erik Rhodes
Josh Weston
Barrett Long
Tristan Jaxx
TJ Hawke
Kyle Pierce
Colby McNight
Dylan Saunders
Jose Enrique
Jude Collin

FVP177 – Hustle and Cruise

These male escorts are the hottest in town, and they’re always working it.  See the sexy hustlers and their Johns go at it in this inside view of the scorching sex these hustlers and cruisers have.

Directed by Chad Donovan


Chad Hunt
Jason Adonis
Roman Heart
Eddie Stone

Antonio Madiera
Johnny Castle
Albert Long
Tristan Mathews
Ryan Wade

FVP164 – Beefcake

Outdoor sex under the sweltering sun, featuring nine perfect, beefy men. You’ve been craving some Beefcake, and Falcon serves a thick slice with these scrumptious, satisfying scenes.

Directed by Steven Scarborough


Tyler Hill
Arpad Miklos
Roman Heart
Erik Rhodes
Robert Van Damme
Ethan Kage
Derrick Vinyard
Jed Willcox
Tony Mecelli

JVP119 – Longshot…Making the Game

The boys don’t call him MISTER LONG SHOT for nothing! Barrett Long is the star of the basketball team, but he won’t play in the big game unless his stud English teacher, Kent Larson, gives him a passing grade.

Directed by ChiChi LaRue


Chad Knight
Barrett Long
Pierre Fitch
Filippo Romano
Kent Larson
Jett Allen
Joel Drake
Owen Hawk
Trent Stone

MVP069 – Lumberjacked: Crimes Against Nature

Unbridled and hot man-on-man sex action outside in the open air! A cast of rough and rugged studs commit crimes against nature as they violate each other in all the best ways.

Directed by Chris Ward


Chris Steele
Michael Brandon
Andy Hunter
Sky Donovan
Rik Jammer
Michael Soldier
Titus Drum

FVP124 – Sting: A Taste for Leather

Sixteen Leather-clad men in one movie featuring action so good you’ll feel the “sting.” These intense studs are all primed, pumped and ready to push the limits of leather!

Directed by John Rutherford


Jeff Palmer
Christopher Scott
Clay Maverick
Tristan Paris
Thom Barron
Addison Scott
Virgil Sainclair
Blake Harper
Cameron Fox
Jason Branch
Dylan Reece
Tony Lazzari
Chad Kennedy
Nick Riley
Chip Noll
Fernando Montana

FVP040 – Splash Shots

This celebration of sun-soaked sensuality will leave you tingling in anticipation of those long, hot days of summer. This classic video showcases the men and hot sex that fantasies are made of.

Directed by Bill Clayton


Tom Mitchell
Kurt Marshall
Jim Bentley
Giorgio Canali
Kevin Jensen
Brian Maxon
Joe Cade
Justin Cade

FVP018 – Steam Heat

A collection of steamy scenarios from heavy-duty sex action in front of roaring fire to a hot, sexual redwood romp.  Plus, Dick Fisk in his solo locker-room debut and an extraordinary coach/player fantasy.

Directed by Bill Clayton


Jack Egan
Billy Putnam
Dick Fisk
Tom Anza
Don Talon
Jeff Carson
Skip Wilson

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