JOCKS Studios Releases Cabin Fever, Part 2

Cabin Fever, Part 2 from San Francisco based, JOCKS Studios hits the streets today.  Bruno Bond, who leads the creative direction for the JOCKS video line, assembled a spectacular cast and directed the follow up to Cabin Fever, Part 1 – the biggest hit JOCKS has produced since its re-launch.  Bond inspires energized performances from eight JOCKS who find themselves stuck in their cabin with nothing else to do but each other.

In the second part of Cabin Fever, it’s cold and snowy outside and a group of All-American JOCKS led by Exclusive Donny Wright have to find ways to keep themselves occupied.   Wright is joined by Dylan Roberts, Spencer Fox, Valentin Petrov, Luke Milan, Lee Paine, Trace Kendall and Mark Ford in his first-ever adult video performance.  They’re all horny, and they’re burning up with Cabin Fever.

The heat generated by their fever takes over, and they turn to each other to fulfill the passions that overwhelm them.  Fiery exchanges between these hot young studs, turn up the temperature even higher.  The fever can no longer be contained, and what follows is intense man-on-man action that will make fans want to get holed up with these JOCKS, wanting to help relieve them of their Cabin Fever.

Cabin Fever, Part 2 (JVP153) is available in retail stores and online at the Falcon Studios store by clicking here.

“I’m very happy to lead the charge in putting JOCKS back on the map as one of the top video lines in all of gay porn,” comments Bond.  “Fans will see with the release of these two Cabin Fever movies that we’re finding the hottest young talent around to showcase in new JOCKS releases.”

“The JOCKS line is really hitting its stride,” boasts Falcon/Raging Stallion president Chris Ward.  “Bond has taken the line and put it back on course to be a leader in the adult industry.  It’s clear in Cabin Fever, Part 2 that the quality of JOCKS men is at an all-time high, and when fans see the casts of upcoming JOCKS movies, they’re going to have to lift their jaws off the floor. These studs are what the line is all about and the award-worthy performances they’re delivering are phenomenal.”

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