Falcon Studios Offers Up New Signature Release: Body Shop

Exclusives Landon Conrad, Erik Rhodes and Charlie Harding Zoom with
Tony Dimarco in the Driver’s Seat

The newest release from San Francisco-based Falcon Studios arrives in stores and is available for order today.  Shot on location at an auto detailer, Body Shop showcases the talents of the Award Winning Director, Tony Dimarco at the driver’s seat with eight of the hottest studs pumping their pistons.

At this Body Shop workers aren’t only servicing cars and trucks!    After putting in long sweaty hours working on hot rods, our revved up mechanics get down and dirty.  With Exclusives Landon Conrad, Charlie Harding and Erik Rhodes heading the eight man cast, the after work hours are filled with grease monkey sex like you have never seen before!  Come on down to the Body Shop to get primed up and watch the hottest crew finish each other–and fans–off!

Harding and Jessie Colter shift into turbo in the opening scene, followed by Conrad and Rhodes joined by Trenton Ducati and Marc Dylan in a red-lining four way.  Ducati and Rhodes break off for some fun of their own in an award-worthy flip scene where both give and receive.  In the final lap, Chris Tyler and Brian Bonds work up a sweat as they lube the chassis and the under carriage.

“I love working in a location like the Body Shop, because it gives us so many possibilities to film the hottest action and create an authentic fantasy,” comments director Tony Dimarco.  “Our cast of Body Shop really got into the character of the location and drove the action at peak performance.”

Body Shop is Tony Dimarco and a cast of studs at their best,” comments Falcon/Raging Stallion president Chris Ward.  “Nothing like a greased up and horned up group of guys to get your engines started.  This is a Body Shop you will want to visit over and over again.”

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