Chris Ward Sings Praises to Landon Conrad

Chris Ward is not one to gush or hand out undeserved praise.  He gives credit where credit is due, and this week he wrote a glowing tribute to Falcon Studios Man of the Year and Grabbys Performer of the Year, Landon Conrad.  This personal praise to the star reveals just how much he’s valued by the studio and its president.

“Why I think Landon Conrad is the Hottest Man on Earth –

Some years ago when I was negotiating the purchase of Falcon Studios, a model application crossed my desk at Raging Stallion Studios. It was submitted by a young man in Utah who thought he might like to do porn.  I told the Falcon team to hire this man immediately!  That man was Landon Conrad, and I couldn’t be happier that Falcon took my advice.  While it took over a year to finalize the Falcon/Raging Stallion merger, one of the most exciting opportunities it gave me was the ability to work with Landon Conrad.

When I shot him for the first time in The Other Side of Aspen VI,  I thought, “Wow!  This guy is even hotter than I thought.”  Now that I have worked with Landon for almost two years–and now that I have tricked him into growing his blond chest hair and wearing a bit of facial scruff–I honestly believe, from my personal perspective, that Landon Conrad is the Hottest Man on Earth. His is our top film star at Raging Stallion & Falcon.

Over the past few days I have been editing a scene between Landon and Mitchell Rock that was filmed by Steve Cruz as part of Falcon’s major Fall release.  I was simply amazed at his classic good looks, fine form, and beautiful hairy chest.  I most recently worked with him on Raging Stallion’s BUILT TOUGH, where he was paired with Zeb Atlas in a performance that is one of the best of the year.

To me, Landon is the perfect example of the kind of man that defined the “Falcon” look over the years–all American, gym body, and blond hair.  Now that he has matured he not only still has the Falcon look, but he also fits nicely into the Raging Stallion stable of stars.

What viewers do not see on film is Lancon’s real personality. He is a wonderful man with a kind heart.  I am pleased to call him a friend–but even more pleased that he is not filming for my competitors! Landon is simply the best porn has to offer.”

Landon’s Recent Movies:

Couples – Falcon Studios
BUILT TOUGH – Raging Stallion Studios
Body ShopFalcon Studios
– Falcon Studios
Point & Shoot – Falcon Studios
Suck My Cock #1 – Raging Stallion Studios

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