Falcon Studios Launches Two-Part Fall Blockbuster – Deep Inside

Special Web Page & Groundbreaking Behind-the-Scenes Deep Inside Reality Web Series Also Debut

Falcon Studios today announced the launch of Deep Inside, a two-part Falcon blockbuster.  Chris Ward, company president and executive producer, handed the directing reins for this ambitious project to newly crowned Hall of Fame Director Steve Cruz, with the goal of bringing the hottest men from around the world to star in this major project.

Additionally, a groundbreaking, behind-the-scenes, reality web-series has been produced to give fans an in-depth view into the making of Deep Inside.  The series can be found on a special landing page created for both parts of Deep Inside. The series consists of six, short episodes that will be released between now and October 1, and it recounts everything from the model selection process to the drive home from the stunning location, a beautiful – almost spiritual – hideaway in sun-drenched Northern California.  Check out the special landing page we have created with the reality series videos, trailers, action and model photos and more!

Fourteen of the world’s finest men, hand-picked and flown in by the Falcon team, appear in this two-part scorcher. With tongues slithering and digging, these studs prepare each other to see just how Deep Inside each other they can go.

The four heavy hitting scenes in Deep Inside, Part 1 are some of the finest work yet from director Steve Cruz. The first part of Deep Inside features handsome, blindingly hung Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian giving fellow Exclusive Angelo Marconi a serious depth charge. Another Falcon Exclusive, lean fuck machine Landon Conrad uses his cock to explore the far reaches of muscle-bottom Mitchell Rock. Superstar hunky boyfriends Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder trade rides like you’ve never seen, and exceptionally fine form of Andrew Justice measures his meat in the pleasure hole of buff Johnny Ryder.

Cruz continues his award-winning momentum when he strips down two Falcon Exclusives, five established favorites, and a scorching newcomer in Deep Inside, Part 2. These hung studs keep the sex boiling. Super-hung Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian takes on Kyle King, while handsome Dean Monroe and fresh young Jed Athens tag each other. Green-eyed Tate Ryder throws his stunning, steely cock into Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt, and knock-out Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro tears up eternally hard-dicked Bobby Clark.

With a major project like Deep Inside, I made it a point to include everything that has made Falcon famous over the years: an amazing location, the most stunning men with hard bodies and beautifully filmed sex.  The very Zen property where we filmed inspired me to strike a balance between some very tender moments and some super intense moments that will blow everyone away,” states Cruz. “I’m honored that Chris Ward put his faith in me to direct this major Falcon release, and that I had an opportunity to build this high caliber cast and film in such a spectacular location.  The guys all brought their best to the set every day!”

Deep Inside really showcases Falcon at the top of its game, and I’m excited to have fans see what happens behind the scenes with our reality series,” exclaims Chris Ward.  “Steve Cruz has Hall of Fame credentials and it shows in the quality of porn he’s shooting.  We found the sexiest men from around the world, and Steve shot some of his best work ever.  It’s fitting that it appears in the biggest Falcon release of the year.  This is a movie that’s destined to add to the Falcon trophy cases.”

Deep Inside is a two part movie. Parts 1 and 2 are now exclusively available on FalconStudios.com, Ragingstallion.com, and GayDVD.com.  Deep Inside, Part 1 will be available in retail stores on September 24. Deep Inside, Part 2 will be available in retail stores on October 14.

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  1. Mike Schneir

    September 25, 2012 at 2:07 am

    I viewed the behind the scenes decisions for the making of Deep Inside I and II. Because it seemed critical for Falcon to make a profit, I was horrified about some of the decisions this man, Adam Roberston, made. Is he like the bankers, with NO experience that took over Hollywood to improve the bottom line and produced movies for only teenagers?

    You have a GQ model, in Paddy O’Brian (he needs some work on his heavy local English accent), whom you paired with has beens. This exquisite man is the dream of every gay man living or dead emotionally. He needs to come out with the likes of Lukas Ridgeston. I don’t know if he is completely straight, but the way he sexually reacts to some of the men in his British movies, not the falcon ones, make me believe, he can psychologically put himself in a world where he discovers the pleasures of all gay sex. He kisses, but then only huffs and puffs. You don’t have to put him into S&M scenes to affirm his masculinity, but sex between 2 adult males, who crave sex can be put on video and pleasure and hot and steamy sex can abound.

    I understand that the models that the Matt Sterling, got for his videos are not around anymore, God rest their souls, but here Falcon has an opportunity to make another star like DO who, however, won’t go all the way either. In this day and age, gay for pay is an anathema to me!

    If the men around the table choosing sexual partners is Falcon’s future, I would give up now.

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