Deep Inside Becomes Falcon’s Biggest Hit of 2012

Falcon’s two-part blockbuster became the biggest hit of 2012 for the studio in record time.  With help from the groundbreaking reality series that appears on the special Deep Inside Landing Page; favorable reviews, press and word-of-mouth recommendations; and a special offer for purchasing both parts together at a discounted price, Falcon’s big-budget movie of the year has become its biggest seller of the year in less than a month.

Much of the success can be attributed to Hall of Fame Director Steve Cruz and fourteen of the world’s finest men, who were hand-picked and flown in by the Falcon team to appear in this two-part scorcher.  This who’s-who cast  of Deep Inside Parts 1 & 2 includes Exclusives Paddy O’Brien, Landon Conrad, Angelo Marconi and Micah Brandt, as well as fan favorites Dean Monroe, Tyler Torro, Kyle King, Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder, Mitchell Rock, Andrew Justice, Johnny Ryder, Jed Athens, and Bobby Clark.

The Deep Inside Reality Series, which consists of five, short episodes and a wrap up promotional segment that are all now available on the landing page, also contributed to the movies success by engaging fans and creating considerable buzz.  The series recounts various never-before-seen situations like the model selection process, the crew and what they load up to take to the location, the different dynamics of directors and what it takes to film a great porn scene like the ones found in Deep Inside. The series is funny and entertaining, and very informative, especially if you ever wondered what really happens on a porn set. The special landing page also includes trailers, action and model photos and more!

“The success of Deep Inside Parts 1 & 2 has been sensational!” exclaims Falcon & Raging Stallion President Chris Ward. “It is on course to set sales records.  Steve Cruz and this cast came together to make a truly great Falcon movie event.  And, as you can see in the reality series, our amazing crew also plays a big part in making the best, high-quality male erotica for our fans. I can’t thank them all enough for the tremendous work they did on this project, and the great job they do every day.”

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