JOCKS Streets Newest Feature, ‘Big Country’

Exclusives Ray Diaz & Paddy O’Brian Star – Bruno Bond Directs

JOCKS Studios announced that its newest feature, Big Country is available for purchase.  In his best solo effort to date, Director Bruno Bond features new Exclusive Ray Diaz in his first major release as well as Exclusive Paddy O’Brian.  Bond, who selected seven of the hottest, well-endowed JOCKS in porn, acts as a fly on the wall of a country house taken over by a group of youthful studs.  Their massive endowments are raring to go from start to finish in the Big Country, where the air crackles with sex from dawn to dusk.

Rounding out the cast of Big Country are Levi Madison, Bobby Clark, Jake Steel, Lucas Vitello and Luke Milan.  These gifted collegiates are the definition of JOCKS men, and they have the good looks, hot bodies and dynamic energy to prove it.  There’s not enough of the exceptional Levi Madison to go around, which is why he’s featured in two scenes – a sizzling opener and a passionate finale. Paddy O’Brian is his first partner, and Paddy is happy to let his huge member get a first class ride at both of Levi’s ends. Next, a hairy-chested Bobby Clark finds an extremely doable friend, Exclusive Ray Diaz, in the bathroom, where Ray’s mouth and ass get equal attention from Bobby’s tool.  Then, it’s a flip-flop featuring Jake Steel and Lucas Vitello, the only pair who get the pleasure of topping and bottoming for each other. Levi Madison returns to be devoured by Luke Milan for a wild romp in a hammock that spins and tumbles them until every hard part has made contact with every other part.   With big tools, big holes and big loads, Big Country will have fans’ cocks at attention from start to finish, inviting them to visit again and again.

Big Country (JVP159) is available in retail stores and online at the Falcon Studios store.

“With Big Country, I really wanted to play out the fantasy of a frat brother weekend getaway turned wild.   I’m very happy with how it all turned out with the amazing sex we captured outside this country house,” comments director Bond.  “This cast is a ‘big’ winner too.  Working with new Exclusive Ray Diaz, who delivered a very memorably performance, was a pleasure, plus Exclusive Paddy O’Brian is truly remarkable with the way he delivers on set.”

“Fans of JOCKS films are going to love Big Country.  These collegiate guys really brought their A-Game to the set, and Bruno Bond captured it exceptionally well,” comments Chris Ward, Falcon/Raging Stallion president.  “I’m very pleased with the great performances delivered by the entire cast. This is the kind of movie that is reminiscent of all the best JOCKS films, and that’s a testament to the great direction of Bruno, who gets better with every project.”

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