Model Spotlight: Ray Diaz

From the moment he became an exclusive with Falcon/Raging Stallion, we all knew there was something special about Ray Diaz.  The fans knew it, the director’s knew it, Chris Ward knew it.  This young, dark, handsome man with a rockin’ body and an ass that can take almost anything you throw it’s way, isn’t only an exceptional performer on screen, he’s a dirty boy off screen too, and some of the things he reveals in his Model Spotlight interview will certainly intrigue most.  But most of all, Ray is just a fun great guy to talk with and be around, and he’s a very hot guy to watch in your new favorite Falcon flicks.

HUNT: Thanks for sitting down with us to talk about life, love and porn.  How’s it going, you sexy, dark skinned stud.

Ray Diaz: Well first off thanks for the kind words.  It’s great; I’m still kind of in shock at all the positive things people have to say about me and I hope to keep on putting hot content out there for everyone.

HUNT: Tell us a little about your stats and background…height, weight, body, age, where you’re from?

RD: I’m a 6’1″, 170lbs, athletically built, 27 year old, half hispanic half middle eastern guy who grew up on the East Coast. I had actually never even visited the West Coast until I started porn!

HUNT: When did you first have the idea to get into porn and how did it happen that you finally did?

RD: Well, I had always enjoyed having people watch me on cam. From back in the early 2000s on to today on Manhunt’s cams, I have loved showing off. Seeing the number of guys watching me in a video chatroom go from 5 to 10 to 100 is always a big turn on. My ex-fiance (yep, I was engaged– to a guy!) actually encouraged me to explore it after we broke up. He knew I enjoyed it, and he knew I would be good at it. He also knew I had always shown an interest in it, so I decided to finally take a plunge and put myself out there. I started web-camming for cash and was pretty successful at it. I decided to take it a step further and apply online to some big studios, just for fun, not really expecting anything out of it. If you want a good idea of what my face looked like when Falcon responded and wanted to do a shoot with me, it was probably close to what my face looked like right before I went down on Jimmy Durano in a recent shoot: shocked, scared, but VERY excited!

Once I arrived at Falcon, I was really amazed at not only how respectful they were, but how quickly they made me feel at home. I can’t say enough times just how great their crew and models are. From the second they pick me up from the airport to the second I get dropped off at the airport, it feels like I’m being pampered and paid to go on a vacation where I get to fuck hot men and enjoy luxurious vistas. There’s this grimy, underworld stigma associated with gay porn and I have yet to see it.

HUNT: What was the first time you did it?  Was it with a guy or a girl?

RD: I had full anal sex for the first time when I was 18 and it was an ok experience; I bottomed and rode him hard. One of those “oh this feels nice” moments but not one of those “OMG MORE” moments. The first time I had great sex was with my first boyfriend and I was a top in that relationship. I still remember the first time we fucked: he had just finished blowing me in the car and I took him back to my dorm room and locked the door. We made love for about 3 hours before I finally fed him my load down his throat. I’m getting hard thinking about it right now…

HUNT: What are some of your sexual fantasies? When you’re not on set, how would you describe your personal sex life?

RD: One of my biggest sexual fantasies is having sex in front of other people. When it’s time for me to climax in porn, all I have to think about is all the guys (and gals!) that will be touching themselves to the porn I am shooting and I cum right away. In my scene with Woody Fox in Dripping Wet 4, you can see this in action because when he cums, I cum right after him. It also helped that he was exactly my type.

Off camera, I rarely hook up. I have to admit, I’m sort of a tease and love to make a guy work for it. When I do mess around with a guy, I usually top (I know, I know, pick your jaw up from the floor!) and I like to cuddle afterwords. I hate leaving or kicking a guy out after sex, so I at least like to know beforehand that we click at least at a basic level so that the cuddling isn’t awkward.

HUNT: How did you come up with your nom de porn?

RD: Well, I like a name to mean something, even if it’s corny. Besides the fact that I’ve always loved the name Ray, I really liked that it means ‘king’ in Spanish (spelled differently). I also loved Diaz because Cameron Diaz has the biggest, most infectious smile and I love to make people smile. The two names sounded great together and so it stuck.

HUNT: Now that you’re a Raging Stallion/Falcon Exclusive, tell us about how that finally came about and how your first scene went.

RD: I kind of touched upon this in a previous answer, but I didn’t mention the scene. The scene with the fucking gorgeous Paddy O’Brian. I’m getting hard again just thinking about it haha.

I was obviously nervous for my first scene and I was incredibly nervous that I woudn’t be able to handle his thick cock. He assured me he would take it slow and make sure I was comfortable. He sure did! Of course, once he eased in, I told him he could be as rough as he wanted, and, well, he was!!

I’ll never forget how Paddy was fucking me at one point and I looked up and said something along the lines of “I’ll have to remember this view for later”. He said I should simply say “that’s one for the wank bank”. We had to take a small break in the shoot because I could not stop laughing! I say that all the time now.

HUNT: When you’re not doing porn, how do you fill your time?

RD: I am an extremely geeky guy who loves computers and loves politics. I volunteered in the last presidential campaign for our President and can’t wait to volunteer in the next one.

Besides gearing up to start my Master’s Degree, I love to play video games. I used to be addicted to World of Warcraft ( /shimmy   fellow WoW addicts will understand what that means) but now play a small version of it called Arcane Legends on my phone and tablet. My character on there is a mage and his name is Ray Diaz. If you see me running around hurling fireballs, say hi.

HUNT: Tell us one unusual fact that not too many people know about you.

RD: Hrmmm… an unusual fact? Well, I am a gold star gay and have never had sex with a girl…ever. How is that for unusual considering I love bisexual porn?

HUNT: You have had several releases come out in the last month, what are a couple of your favorite scenes/partners?  Tell us about how it was work with them.

RD: Well, I have to say all my partners with Falcon have been ridiculously hot and ridiculously good at what they do. There have been many times where I have had to stop because I would cum too soon if they kept doing what they were doing!

But my top (haha, pun not intended) experiences have probably been with Paddy O’Brian, Willy Fox, and Jimmy Durano. These guys REALLY knew how to fuck and I jerk off to those scenes all the time. As for the scene I shot with Jimmy that isn’t out yet, I can’t wait to add that to my wank bank I just really enjoy having real chemistry with guys I shoot with and I think once you see those scenes, it’s pretty apparent I had it with them. Of course, I’m actually shooting a scene with Trystan Bull tomorrow, so that list might grow.

HUNT: Where are you in the relationship world right now…looking, found someone, loving being single?  Does doing porn effect your answer to this question in any way?

RD: Like I mentioned earlier, I was engaged with a great guy but we just weren’t right for each other. One of my biggest problems has been that I jump from relationship to relationship instead of focusing on and bettering myself. After that relationship which ended last February, I decided to focus on myself and force myself to be single. Porn helps with that! I do not see myself being in an open relationship, at least not yet, and with porn, you kind of have to. I wouldn’t feel fair telling my partner that he can’t have sex with other guys while I go have sex with the hottest guys on the planet! So it’s just me, myself, and Grindr… for now.

HUNT: Boxers, Briefs, Bare?

RD: I used to go bare until a drag queen pulled me on stage at Ziegfelds/Secrets, a gay club in DC, and stripped me…. bare. So now, I wear briefs just as a precaution against any roaming drag queens.  Funny story, the drag queen, Destiny B. Childs, is now my best friend!

HUNT: Now that you’re in the Raging Stallion/Falcon World, do you have a wish list of other models that you’d like to work with?

RD: YES!!! While I have yet to be paired up with anyone I don’t find incredibly hot, I definitely would love to get the chance to work with Jake Genesis, Shawn Wolfe, Jake Steel, and Shane Frost. Notice they aren’t all tops, wink wink!

HUNT: What projects do you have coming up?

RD: The Jimmy Durano scene that I was talking about won’t be out for a while, but it’s in a Falcon movie that I hear is untitled at this time.  Next month my scene with Paddy O’Brian finally makes it to DVD in Sun Kissed, and I’m in Mountain Tops, Part 2 from JOCKS where I do a threeway with James Ryder and Danny Palick.

HUNT: We know you can get naughty on Twitter and post some seriously hot pics.  Remind fans how they can get in touch with you or follow you in the online media world?

RD: I’ve been getting better at posting on here, so be sure to check me out and tell me what you like and don’t like. And tell me what you want to see me doing because Falcon does read those suggestions.

Twitter: @RayDiazXXX

I am really overwhelmed by all the nice things my fans have said and continue to tell me. I really appreciate all of the support and look forward to making you guys shoot hot loads. Happy New Year!


Dripping Wet 4 – Falcon Studios
Big Country – JOCKS Studios
Suck My Cock #5 – Raging Stallion Studios

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  1. Disneyboy77

    January 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    Ray is the nicest and sweetest guy in the world. I’ve known him before Falcom and the one thing I can say about Ray … stardom hasn’t changed him one bit! He is still the sweet and lovable Ray. And guys … can this boy shoot … I’ve seen him hit a wall with his cum.

  2. brandon25

    August 20, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    ray diaez is so hot I wish I could get him in bed and feel his massave dick for hours and make love to him all day he is gorgus I hope truly he is a nice guy I would love to buy him underwear Brandon 25

  3. bill jenkins

    April 25, 2015 at 6:31 am

    I really enjoyed the ray diaz interview, he is a total babe!!.

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