The Reviews Are In: ‘More Than Ready’

More Than Ready

“JOCKS has put out a really hot video full of the guys that fit what the line implies – fit, young, athletic boys who are horny as fuck! That’s how it should be. Loved this gay porn!  This one gets a touchdown.”

“Paulie reviews and loved the New JOCKS “More Than Ready” and thinks it has one of the best 3 ways that Jocks has ever filmed.”

“This (film) will remind you of the wonderful, when it was really in its heyday in the late 80’s, Jocks when it was in its heyday.  It’s all that and some more.  You’re going to love it!”

“It was absolutely brilliant”

“You won’t be able to let go of your cock from start to finish.”

Scorched shirt –highest rating — J.D. Luvdacock

More than Ready is solid from front to back.”

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