New Exclusives on the Tim & Roma Show

Hey Readers! Nobody here at Falcon gets up too early over the weekends, but we’re ALWAYS happy to drag our tired old butts out of bed on a Saturday to do a Tim & Roma Show! The Tim & Roma Show usually films EARLY on Saturday mornings, well 10 am IS early for some of us. But, the minute you’re in the presence of the Tim & Roma gang, it’s like you just had a triple espresso. The energy is infusing and Mr. Pam herself is a shot and a half of that espresso – we LOVE her and her ability to wake everyone up and get the show on the road.New Exclusives on the Tim & Roma Show - Photo.

The September 21st, 2007 episode of The Tim & Roma Show featured our newest signings – Falcon Exclusive Tristan Jaxx and Falcon Exclusive Couple Aden & Jordan Jaric. All three guys did their debut performances in the upcoming film, “Endless Crush” (FVP179) which is released on October 29th. So, we were there to promote that and help NakedSword film an infomercial for their ‘loaded’ site. This was the first time the new guys had met everyone from the show and if there was any nervousness, THAT was quickly squashed when the lovely and oh-so devilish Sister Roma took them all into her loving arms…and groped each and every one of them…in that loving, comforting and welcoming way that she has about her. Check out the show, and more importantly check out “Endless Crush” and let us know what you think!

Big thanks to Mark and Seth for being the perfect studio audience!

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