Free Action Gallery: Tahoe – Snow Packed & Tahoe – Snow Plowed

Tahoe – Snow Packed and Tahoe – Snow Plowed

Tahoe is a favorite skiing and snowboarding spot of handsome, horny men: passionate men who know what they want and get what they need!  As these fourteen stunning men are about to discover, Tahoe is a sexual frontier worth exploring.

The forces are set in motion by Cruz and Bond in Tahoe – Snow Packed. Rugged mountain slopes can’t compete with the rugged, sculpted contours of Landon Conrad, who ravishes his smooth buddy, Tyler Wolf, in an outdoor hot tub. Ever-horny Latino Ray Diaz has a plan to seduce dreamboat Trystan Bull. He waits to catch Trystan playing with himself, then makes an offer Trystan can’t refuse. No orals here; all Ray wants is that cock up his ass. Angel Rock and Jackson Taylor are a contrast in type, but difference doesn’t matter when Jackson grabs Angel’s chiseled, furry pecs while working his tight, smooth buns in a lap dance to remember. As if that is not enough, Jimmy Durano and Shawn Wolfe put an oversized tub to good use. Shawn’s athletic furry body is the perfect complement to Jimmy’s smooth bulk. The majestic landscapes inspire these guys to mimic the snowstorms outside with cum flying inside in Tahoe – Snow Packed.

Tahoe – Snow Packed Free Gallery:

Cruz and Bond continue the intensity in Tahoe – Snow Plowed by showing what all of us would like to do on winter vacation–with the guys we would want to do it with!  When handsome Jack King wants a blowjob in the snow, JD Phoenix can’t resist. The full monty awaits them back at the lodge where its warm and romantic. Sex begins when Brandon Jones bumps into the killer bod of Angel Rock, fresh from the shower with a hard-on tenting his towel. Brandon seizes the opportunity, and his prize is a fat beer-can cock up his butt. Trystan Bull and Brody Wilder are runway model material: one dark, one blond – both built and handsome. Trystan’s cock gives Brody’s ass a workout with big timber that didn’t grow at the lake. Then Connor Maguire and Johnny Ryder drain their balls after shoveling snow. Johnny gives a great fuck-me-harder-I-need-it-bad performance after he and Connor rim each other like there’s   no tomorrow.  See the ongoing exploits of the handsome, horny guys who know that this Winter Wonderland is home to hottest sex in Tahoe – Snow Plowed.

Tahoe – Snow Plowed Free Gallery:


  1. My Favorite Valentine

    June 2, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Hot Tamales!!!

    After seeing scenes from Snow Plowed I could just wish to have my snow plowed in the foothills of the Rockies. I thought Ryan Rose was something else but Angel defies description.

    Everyone where I am is bright-assed and on meth — or so they say — but someone like Mr. Rock could really work where it totally rocks.

    If he does read this … one question: Bro your plums are kinda dark. What’s up with that? TIA.

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