Falcon Studios & Raging Stallion Studios Receive Four Grabby Awards

Two Behind-the-Scenes Employees Receive Major Honors

One of the biggest nights in the Gay Adult Entertainment industry, the Grabby Awards, concluded with a win for Best Fetish Extreme for Safeword from Fetish Force, Best Solo from Fahrenheit featuring Adam Killian, and two major honors for Vice President of Production, Adam Q. Robinson and Vice President/Chief Photographer, Kent Taylor.  Robinson was placed on the Grabby Wall of Fame for his decade as one of the most respected producers in gay porn.  Taylor took home the prize for Best Still Photographer for the spectacular still images he takes for all the major releases from Falcon and Raging Stallion.

Safeword, directed by Tony Buff, combines kinky sex, discipline and pain, offering a stunning gallery of doms charged with extracting the Safeword of their subs, through a series of torturous fetish exercises. Videographer and star Leo Forte accepted the award with Marketing Director, Toby J. Morris.  Buff, who was unable to attend the ceremony, commented on the award, “I want to thank the Grabbys, everyone at Fetish Force who helped make this great movie, the players and the fans.  This is a great honor and it wouldn’t have happened without the talents of everyone involved.”

Ten-year production veteran, Adam Q. Robinson, who has helped produce over 230 movies was placed on the Grabby Wall of Fame.  In his acceptance speech, he dedicated his award to his friend, Erik Rhodes, and the other stars and porn personalities that we have lost in the last year.  About his accolade, Robinson said, “I want to thank the Grabbys for this honor, and all the amazing directors, models and production staff who have helped me along the way.  I couldn’t have received this distinction without any of them.”

Kent Taylor, who started his erotic photography career 15 years ago, took home the Grabby for Best Still Photographer.  Taylor has been with Raging Stallion Studios since he co-founded the award winning gay porn production company over 10 years ago.  Kent is now the Chief Photographer for both Falcon and Raging Stallion brands, and he’s VP in charge of the art departments for the studios.  On his award, Kent stated, “I am so thrilled to be recognized by Stacy and Mark of the Grabbys.  Receiving the award was a true career milestone for me. I am also so thrilled to have a moment to publicly thank all the people who have been so instrumental in my journey with in this crazy, amazing industry.”

“We want to extend our thanks and gratitude to Grab Magazine and the Grabbys.  The Grabbys we brought home this year are especially memorable.  I couldn’t think of a better candidate for the Grabby Wall of Fame than Adam Q. Robinson, who is one of the hardest working people in the industry, and I’m very pleased that Chief Photographer, Kent Taylor was recognized for his amazing work as Best Still Photographer.  He definitely earned it,” exclaimed Chris Ward, president of Falcon Studios & Raging Stallion Studios. “Every time we receive these awards, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who works for our studio.  Without the efforts of so many dedicated employees, these awards would not be possible.”

Through the years Raging Stallion Studios and Falcon Studios have won scores of Grabbys, and for this year’s awards, the studios and their stars combined to garner over 40 nominations in multiple categories.

The Grabbys, owned by Grab Magazine, have been honoring the best in gay porn for 20 years. Hosted by ChiChi LaRue and Honey West, the highly regarded awards have historically been presented in a live ceremony during Memorial Day weekend in conjunction with the International Mister Leather Contest.

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