Tony Capucci – Gay Porn Star Spotlight

It’s been a few weeks since the last model spotlight! Sorry to leave you hanging.

Speaking of well hung (okay, not really, but we had to segue into the spotlight somehow,) this week we’re turning our lustful gaze upon one of the newest Falcon exclusives, Tony Capucci who stars in the upcoming Falcon title, Best Men, Part 1 – The Bachelor Party (FVP187).


We sat down with Tony and learned a bit more about what makes him tick and what gets him off…

Falcon: Thanks for sitting down and chatting with us today, Tony. So how did you get into the industry?

Tony: I actually started doing modelling work for some websites, like and Cockyboys. I just figured, why not give film a try?

F: Your first film was Afterparty, correct?

T: Yep, I made my debut with a Falcon movie. I thought it was a pretty good place to start.


F: Well, we’re proud and happy to have you. What makes you happy? What is your idea of perfect happiness?

T: Hmm, I’d say being on a golf course, with a 9am tee time, everyday, with no bills to worry about.

F: And what would be the lowest depth of misery?

T: Haha, probably a double-bogey on a par 3.

F: Quite the golf fanatic apparently!

T: Yeah, love it. I’d say my biggest extravagance would be my golf clubs actually.

F: Who would you say are your heroes?

T: Fictional? Probably Indiana Jones. In real life, my father and Tiger Woods.


F: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

T: I would really love to be taller.

F: What would you say was your hottest sexual experience?

T: Before I met my fiancee, I had this three way with two sisters I met at a club. It was so hot.

F: What word or phrase do you most overuse?

T: Probably “holy fuck”, haha.


F: And before we let you go, what is your personal motto, if you have one?

T: Live life with no regrets. That’s what I try to live by.

F: Thank you for chatting with us today Tony!


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