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As many fans of Falcon know – we relaunched our JOCKS line of films almost a year ago, back in October 2007.  Helmed by Director Peter Romero, JOCKS features young, new performers to the industry; placing them in different non-scripted situations.  At the time Romero said “Taking the line in a wholly different direction is a challenge I’m honored to accept”…well, as you can see by the amazing reviews JOCKS has received, Romero has lived up to the challenge – and more!!  Here’s what people are saying about JOCKS…




“This movie signifies the relaunch of Falcon’s JOCKS line, and the intended atmosphere seems to be a deliberate, internetish kind of scruffiness.  If you like young joes getting it on with a casual spontaneity, this movie is for you – Russell Stewart/Freshman Magazine

“The sexual energy of the guys here – in paticular with RJ and James in the opener makes this trip to the river worth your time and tissue” – Angel Rodriguez/Gay Chicago Magazine

More great reviews, pics and an interview with Director Peter Romero after the jump…




When JOCKS goes on the road again, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would say “no” to the trip, and these six lucky dudes take every advantage of the invitation – Martin Cox/www.ManNet.com

A great looking group of young men…maybe it is the way the men have to make use of the confined space or the idea that passengers from other vechiles might be able to see them that makes me so fond of these types of hot scenes – www.onguys.com




“…they are a happy and cohesive bunch, answering questions on the trip, some of them with such eagerness that the geysers better watch out” – Martin Cox/www.ManNet.com

“I’m a firm believer in kismet, so when I see all seven Yosemite studs studded around the RV park’s pool doing what comes naturallyor what naturally comes – I think, These guys have got my lucky number!” – Mimi Von Lux – Unzipped Magazine




“The formula is simple: let the guys enjoy each other in settings other than standard studios or overused bedrooms.  Nature seems to inspire this sextet od scrappy lads” – Brent Blue/www.ManNet.com

“…Road Trip Vol.4: Big Sur, it’s one of the hottest and best rides so far” – Harley Shadow/www.xxfactor.com




“…this is a hot “fuck-playing-in-the-snow-let’s-fuck-instead”…worthwhile for the hot men and good sex” – Bo Champion/www.ManNet.com

“Falcon’s bid for the youth/fratboy market continues to grow” – Vincent Lambert/GayVN

Here’s a Q&A we just did with Director Peter Romero while on the set of our latest JOCKS movie – Temptation Ranch…

JOCKS – If you could take a Jocks Roadtrip any where outside the country where would you go and why?

Peter Romero – If I could take the Jock anywhere it would be Australia, Why, because the boys are so hot and nasty.

J- Of all the Roadtrips taken so far – which one has been your favorite and why?

PR – The first Roadtrip video to Russian River was the first and my favorite…it was too much fun. But each Roadtirp has been a great time.

J- You’ve worked with about 40 different performers in the Jocks Roadtrip series – did you have any favorite performers?

PR- All the guys have been awesome, but the few that stand out  are Wolf Hudson, Scott Freemont, Marcus Blue, Riley Burke, Rj Danvers, Ridge MichaelsJason Michaels, Shane Ericson, Tristan Sweet  just to name a few.

J- If you could do a ‘reunion’ Roadtrip what six performers from past films would you choose and what past location would you take them to?

PR – I’d love to go back to The Russian River area withTristian Sweet, Scott Freemont, Wolf Hudson, Guy Parker,  Jason Michaels, Luke Riley5.) What Roadtrip locations can we expect to see in the next year?(answer)  We have been talking about Vegas, Palm Springs, San Fran.

J – Jocks Roadtrip films feature guys that are just getting started in the adult biz – have any of them gone on to be successful stars?

PR – Yes, Scott Freemont is on his way, he did Mustang and RedDevil, Rj Danvers is Exclusive with some big studio. Wolf Hudson is a star.

J – The Roadtrip films have a lot of outdoor sex – is this something the performers like doing? Is it something you like doing?

PR – Love shooting outdoors, love having sex outdoor. Models love it.

J – If you could cast a Roadtrip with all established A-list pornstars who would you choose and where would you take them?

PR – I would love to do a Roadtrip to Brazil because its hot and sexy. I would cast  Jason Ridge, Steve Cruz, Erik Rohdes, Francesco De Macho, Tyler Saint, Jessie Santana, Christian Owen.

J – If someone wants to be considered for one of your Roadtrips what’s the criteria for eligibility?

PR – Fresh and horny.

J – Any bloopers or funny moments that haven’t made it on film?

PR – Too many to count…

See the whole line of JOCKS “pro-am” features right here

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