Free Action Gallery: ‘Alumni’


At their reunion, these Alumni serve up themselves in the hottest sexual situations when they reunite and take action on sex postponed, sex remembered, serendipitous sex and sex between lovers. These Alumni  are erect with possibilities! Andrew Rosen continues to raise the directors’ bar, corralling a cast of Falcon’s best to show what every reunion oughta be. Sexual curiosity and surging hormones account for a lot of what you do when you’re young, but a decade later, will the guys you used to jack off with, or trade blow jobs with, still want to? Since there’s never a soft cock in sight, you bet they will. Latin spitfire Ray Diaz will have you creaming in both his scenes. He sex trips down memory lane with classmate/fuck buddy Vance Crawford, then travels the road not taken when he fulfills his fantasy with the jock of his high school dreams, Ryan Rose. Nonchalant Doug Acre is used to people ogling his monster basket, and he’s willing to humor them however they like. For his high-school buddy Justin Chase, that’s a flip-fuck in the room they share. Brandon Jones is the sorta guy who brings his lover, Cooper Reed, to the reunion to show him off —an effort that earns him a wild sun-drenched thank-you fuck from Cooper. Forget your lettermen’s jacket, because it won’t stay on for long when these Alumni  cum to town!

Alumni Free Action Gallery

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  1. Joshua Morency

    August 19, 2013 at 11:19 am


  2. Jim Fink

    September 4, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    I really admire guys who can unashamedly be completely naked and loving each other (fellatio or full intercourse with a camera running. There is nothing nasty or dirty about sex, it is beautiful to see and hear and I’m cheering for the guys as they do it with each other. The greatest privilege that a guy can grant to another guy is to allow him to be on the receiving end of his penis, and the longer the duration of an act of copulation, the better. Also if copulation can continue throughout the orgasm and on to a second or third orgasm that is even better. I would love to have some of these guys as personal friends because I admire their openness. I would welcome them to contact me, and would love to see them in person when they are making a film so that I could cheer them on as they go because what they are exhibiting is what other guys should be unashamed to do with each other as well. Keep it up!

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