‘Magnetism’ Marks 20th Hard Friction Release


Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond Celebrate Milestone Feature with an All-Star Cast

The newest release from San Francisco-based Raging Stallion Studios is Magnetism from the Hard Friction line.  Founded by performers-turned-directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, Hard Friction celebrates its 20th DVD release. Pulling out all the stops for this major milestone, Cruz and Bond cast a list of veritable superstars in Magnetism including Exclusives Shawn Wolfe, Tommy Defendi and Donnie Dean, as well as fan favorites Landon Conrad, Fabio Stallone, Connor Maguire and Jeremy Stevens. The title also introduces newcomer Armond Rizzo.

Hard Friction has evolved during the four years since its inception, but the driving force behind the brand is Cruz and Bond’s focus on capturing an intense and organic connection between performers: a sexual Magnetism.  In this aptly titled release, Cruz and Bond expertly pair these eight outstanding guys for their exploration of sexual electricity and attraction, conducting four experiments in the laws of sexual physics of magnetic behavior.

Magnetism is a universal phenomenon – an undeniable force that brings two bodies together – it’s the force that connects these studs in the powerful throws of sexual intensity. This intangible sixth sense happens in an instant and gets cocks to stand at attention.

Gymnastic newcomer Armond Rizzo attempts perpetual motion as he keeps every muscle-filled cell of Landon Conrad’s body charged to its highest sexual potential. Fur and muscle collide when Donnie Dean and Tommy Defendi create a sexual magnetic field to make your hairs stand on end. Water and electricity usually don’t mix, except when Connor Maguire and Jeremy Stevens add saliva, sweat and semen to the charge flowing between them. Shawn Wolfe’s superbly lithe torso, with its smattering of tawny hair, ignites the libido of daddy Fabio Stallone. Positive and negative, north and south, top and bottom, suck and fuck. Magnetism re-defines the laws of sexual attraction.

“We are thankful for all of the sexy men who have let us film their hook-ups, and grateful for all of the fans who have watched along the way,” state Cruz and Bond.

“I congratulate Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond and their Hard Friction line on this milestone, and I applaud their never-ending focus on delivering amazingly filmed gay porn that displays the true and exhilarating connection between two men,” comments Chris Ward, Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios President. “I know they will continue to provide fans with new faces, high energy and amazing erotica with every Hard Friction release.”


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