Ryan Rose Announced as Falcon Studios Man of the Year

Exclusive Megastar Accepts Honor in Video and is Featured in a Free Solo Jerk-Off Download 

Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios announced today that Ryan Rose has been given the honor of Falcon Studios Man of the Year, one of the top honors in the gay porn world.  Signed as a Falcon Studios Exclusive earlier this year, Rose has solidified his place as one of the industry’s top stars. He responds to the accolade in a video interview, and a special Man of the Year solo jerk off download is available to subscribers of HUNT on HUNTeZine.com.

“We’ve named Ryan Rose as Falcon Studios Man of the Year, because he is the epitome of a Falcon Man and he has delivered truly outstanding performances since we signed him as an exclusive.    He ranks among the top stars of all time in gay porn, and we couldn’t be happier than to give him this honor,” announced Chris Ward, President of Raging Stallion & Falcon Studios.  “Rose brings so much energy and talent to the set for every shoot, and he has the looks, body and remarkable assets that make him a superstar of gay porn. These are the reasons that we’re celebrating him with this accolade.”

Rose’s name is added as the second ever Falcon Studios Man of the Year, one of the highest, most coveted awards in the industry. The other past recipient is mega-star Landon Conrad, who was the first man to receive the honor two years ago.

Rose responds to the prize in a special video below, and he shot a free solo jerk-off video to celebrate the occasion.  In it, he jerks off remembering about some of his hottest sex. The solo video is available as a  free download from HUNTeZine.com.  You can view/download it by clicking here.

In the acceptance video, Rose thanks all the fans and staff of Falcon Studios.  Watch Ryan Rose’s full response to learning about being named Falcon Studios Man of the Year here:

In a separate statement Rose adds, “I am so grateful to everyone who had a part in making me Falcon Studios Man of the Year.  My agent, Howard Andrew, the entire FabScout Team, everyone at Falcon Studios and all the people who have supported me through the years, I can’t thank you enough for helping me reach this amazing high point in my career.”

As the Falcon Studios Man of the Year, Rose will join Shawn Wolfe, Raging Stallion Man of the Year in hosting the Falcon & Raging Stallion Annual VIP Party during Folsom Weekend.  Rose and Wolfe will be meeting and greeting fans at the party as well as gogo dancing for fans.  The Annual VIP Party will be held at Mezzanine, September 28 from 8 PM to Midnight.  More details about the party will become available in the coming weeks.

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