“DARE” Production Diary – Day 1

I arrived at Str8-Up Studios a few minutes before 9am and saw a giant RV parked in the lot. This would be the source of refuge for many a cast and crew member over the next 5 days. Inside, every drawer, every cabinet, was specifically labeled with all the items it held. Everything was perfectly and precisely detailed.

I first saw MATT, the owner of the place, who told me that he’d be gripping the shoot all week. Then, I saw ADAM, the producer, all smiles and kinetic energy, his head rotating like a radar dish as he made sure that all 101 things were getting done. MOCHA, the still photographer, whom I was already friends with, gave me a big hug, and one by one, the rest of the crew introduced themselves to me. My cameramen, LEIF GOBO and COLBY TAYLOR said hello, then asked what I was going for in the filming. I told them I wanted a film noir look, with lots of shadows and backlighting. I liked high and low angles for sex, and lots of close-ups.

Porn gods ERIK RHODES and TYLER RIGGZ showed up. I told Tyler we were shooting their scene in a grassy area behind the studio that was sure to be full of biting insects, and he just made a face at me.

Next, LOU CASS grabbed me in a tight squeeze. “How’s it going, man?!” he growled. We took a few seconds to quickly catch up, then a shy BRAXTON BOND nudged up to me and introduced himself with a handshake. His neatly trimmed stubble made him appear completely different than his pictures, and I thought he really looked the part.

We had a brief production meeting to start, and Adam introduced everyone to me. JEFF, the still photographer’s assistant, looked at his production folder and asked, “Why is it so thick?” “The script is included,” Adam replied. Uh oh.

Lou Cass - Passed Out on Toilet for “DARE” Falcon Studios ProductionThe set looked great. The gas station we were shooting at didn’t have a men’s room, so we had to have one built. It was appropriately sleazy-looking. Dirty brown walls with black smudges, the place looked like it hadn’t been cleaned or painted since the 40’s. The partition between the stalls had been raised a foot, as I had requested, so Braxton could make more of an effort to look over it to see Psycho Sam passed out on the toilet. The urinals hung on the other wall, but only by a nail, Matt warned me. The sink was also not connected to the wall, and it was easy to knock over. We were told to be careful.Erik Rhodes Sucking Tyler Riggz - DARE Production

We started the scene. Tyler is pretending to piss in the urinal when Erik, whom he will be cruising at the gas station exterior later, enters. The two giants cruise each other, then Erik drops to his knees to start sucking Tyler. Both men had massive boners, and the oral was a breeze to shoot.

Before the anal began, I was informed that Falcon generally liked three positions. Erik was bottoming (I don’t think I could have talked Tyler into doing it again…especially if he had to take Erik’s huge cock), so the first fuck stance was a standing doggy over the sink. I warned Erik to be careful not to knock it over, and he didn’t, even as Tyler slammed him hard. Next, we were at a loss for the 2nd position, until Erik noticed a wire mesh trash can. “Why not have him throw the can on its side, push me over it, and fuck me on the dirty trash can?” Sounded good to me, although it took a couple of takes to get the trash can positioned correctly for camera.

After the scene was finished, we shot some B-roll of Sam entering the men’s room, finding a stall and starting to shoot up with drugs. Braxton as Wood enters, sees him passed out on the toilet and storms out of the john in disgust.

As the crew was breaking the set, I heard Erik Rhode’s deep voice ask, “Where’s that box with the dildos?”

I turned to see him seated close by on my left—no pants, just wearing a shirt—stroking his dick back to hardness.

“Why do you want the box of dildos?” I asked.

He looked at me sheepishly, then said, “My hole is still hungry.” lol

Someone pointed him in the right direction, and he pulled out a rubber schlong of suitable size then vanished into a remote corner of the studio to satisfy his hole in private.

Adam asked me how I felt the first day of shooting had gone, and I told him I thought it had gone great. He was glad to hear it. Several of the crew told me that the scene looked awesome, too.

I said good night to everyone, then jumped in my car and headed home, where I showered, ate a quick dinner and jumped into bed to try and catch up on my sleep.

Tomorrow would be the gangbang scene at the Dry Gulch Ranch in Malibu, and the weatherman said it was going to be a hot day.

That would prove to be an understatement, in more ways than one.

To be continued…


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