Monster Bang Unveils ‘Hung Americans, Part 2’


Raging Stallion released the newest feature from its popular Monster Bang line, Hung Americans, Part 2, today.  This is the second part of the two-part feature from the line that focuses on “Big Dicks and the Holes they Fill,” and it delivers more heaping servings of Grade-A, All-American, blue collar, back woods cock. Steve Cruz, Hall of Fame Director, leads an all-star cast featuring Exclusive/Raging Stallion Man of the Year, Shawn Wolfe, hugely endowed Exclusive Boomer Banks and Grabby Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati.

The cast also features fan favorites Mike Dozer, Aleks Buldocek, Ray Han, James Ryder and Tyson Reade. This eight-man cast shows that it will pay any price and meet any hard on to assure spontaneous, anonymous, throat-stretching, ass-pounding sex. Under the accomplished direction of Steve Cruz, these huge studs are loud and proud of their sexual conquests.

A back alley affords just enough light for Trenton Ducati’s washboard abs to shine, attracting the burly bear, Mike Dozer, who’s horny enough to rumble where he might attract attention. Youthful James Ryder does his best look hot and sexy for hairy daddy Aleks Buldocek, and Aleks responds by delivering a rugged fuck that leaves them both exhausted. Favorite bear cub Shawn Wolfe has a sexy mouth that is the perfect container for Tyson Reade’s massive meat in an oral scene with some intense frottage and explosive ending. Boomer Banks’ cock might get you thinking of anacondas and elephant trunks, but it’s highly vocal Ray Han who devours it like a wild animal, taking Boomer’s massive meat and living to tell about it. When there’s nothing left to do, this cast keeps doing more of everything until there’s no one left standing.  Hung Americans, Part 2 contains fast and furious action, smoldering good looks, hairy guys, huge endowments and explosive encounters with no strings attached.

Hung Americans, Part 2 can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on the Raging Stallion, Falcon and GayDVD online stores.

“This is the second part of my homage to the working class American man: he’s rough around the edges – the no frills male. These big dick bruisers keep taking sex action to the next level,” comments Director Steve Cruz.  “Trenton Ducati and Mike Dozer were out of control on set! It was my first time working with Mike— I pretty much fell in love.”

Hung Americans, Part 2 completes a great pair of Monster Bang movies that really deliver the Raging Stallion brand – blue collar, rough and rugged sex,” states Chris Ward, Raging Stallion Founder and Falcon Raging Stallion Studios President. “Raging Stallion Man of the Year Shawn Wolfe shines, and I continue to be in awe of Boomer Banks and his massive member.  They both deliver award-worthy performances here, along with the rest of the cast, who really captured the Monster Bang intensity with huge endowments.”

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