Model Spotlight: Adam Ramzi


Adam Ramzi is the true definition of tall, dark and handsome with olive skin, a roguish gaze, a handsome face, and an athletic frame.  Versatile in look and in position, Adam packs heat in the front with a substantial cock…and in the back with a round, firm ass.  All of this and he’s got a sexy dusting of hair in all the right places. He’s undeniably one of the hottest performers to appear in any gay porn during 2013.  He first hit the scene when he was introduced to male erotica fans in the Monster Bang release, Hole 2. Since then he’s only been shooting with Raging Stallion, appearing in the thriller, Timberwolves; the recent Hard Friction release, Tight; and, now in the biggest Raging Stallion release of the year, Part 1 of the Blockbuster, Open Road.  And, there’s more in store, Adam is set to shoot an upcoming Hard Friction release and another big Raging Stallion two-parter. He also sat down with us for a quick interview about his life, porn and the new major release:

HUNT: Where are you from?

I grew up in suburban Los Angeles, and currently reside in the Silver Lake area.

HUNT: What are your aspirations? Hobbies?

I’m kind of a jack-of-many-trades.  I love movies, I’m a musician, writer, and student, I’ve been playing dodgeball in a competitive league for just under six years, and I love camping.  This barely scratches the surface.

HUNT: If you’re not shooting porn, what are you up to?

I’m just completing a masters degree in LGBT-specialized clinical psychology, which has been taking up a lot of time these days.

How would you define your sexuality?

This is a big part of my studies, and I’ve been feeling far more affirmed in my gay identity, while also embracing the binary-challenging notions of what it is to be “queer.”  Not only the distinction of gender and sexual orientation, but also the butch-femme, top-bottom roles that we’ve found ourselves in.  I think there’s a fluidity between all these things that I’m just now beginning to explore. (Basically, I’m vers, if that helps boil it down!)

HUNT: You’ve only shot with Raging Stallion, will we see you shooting for any other studio?

I have not thought that far ahead.  But I like my little Raging Stallion family, and I feel very comfortable there, so I’m not in any rush.

HUNT: What was the most exciting thing about shooting Open Road?  What got you turned on for your scenes?

I love adventure and travel, and Open Road provided all of that, in many ways. Not to mention I share scenes with not one, but two of the hottest and sweetest performers in the business.

HUNT: Have you ever had sex anonymously on the Open Road? 

I have not!  If you’re having sex with me, it’s generally not anonymous. I like intimacy.  But the idea has always been hot.

HUNT: How did you enjoy working with your scene partners?

Aleks Buldocek and Seven Dixon are total pros, crazy gorgeous, and a lot of fun to be around.

HUNT: What’s it like working with Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond?

At this point, I consider them like family.  They are good guys who know what they want and know how to get it, and I have much respect for both of them.

HUNT: Where can fans find you on social media?

The best bet is to follow me on Twitter @adamramzixxx

Adam Ramzi Videography:

Open Road, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Tight – Hard Friction
Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios
HOLE 2 – Monster Bang

Adam Ramzi Model Spotlight Gallery: 


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  2. liam900

    February 15, 2014 at 3:20 am

    adam razmie is so hot and gorgus I wish I could e in bed wkith him and feel his big dick I wish I could have sex with him all day in bed and feel his massave balls love liam 900

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