Raging Stallion Studios 2013 Blockbuster Movie Event: ‘Open Road’ Now Available

Award Winner Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond Direct Rugged All-Star Cast

Distinctive, award-winning, gay adult entertainment producer Raging Stallion introduces its 2013 two-part blockbuster release, Open Road. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond drive the wild and unruly action in Open Road, Parts 1 & 2 offering triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty.  The all-star cast introduces new Exclusive Seven Dixon as well as Exclusives Boomer Banks, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz and Donnie Dean, and it features fan favorites Adam Ramzi, Christian Wilde, Mike Dozer, James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs, Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion.

Open Road, Parts 1 & 2 take fans on an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens.

In Open Road, Part 1, employees at Aleks Buldocek’s bar, James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs dress to reveal. They wind up their sexual tension before the bar opens. Aleks hears the noise and joins them. Aleks is alone later, when drifter Adam Ramzi steps off the Open Road to wet his whistle. Adam’s holes need to be filled and Aleks is the big, burly man for the job. Adam’s back on the road, and he hitches a ride from new Exclusive Seven Dixon. Adam feels the need to top this time, and delivers on all cylinders. Boomer Banks is exhausted from lugging around his big endowment on the road. . While taking a load off and napping in a barn, Boomer is discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who wants to touch, suck and then offer his ass to experience Boomer’s horse-hung power.  Plus, Open Road, Part 1 includes a bonus oral scene featuring Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion, plus two scenes from the Raging and Falcon library to compliment the movie as part of our DVD + program.

In Open Road, Part 2. A thumb and a highway are all it takes to experience intense, in-the-moment sexual encounters. Mike Dozer cruises back roads in his van, looking for guys like Boomer Banks, who will exchange a sexual ride for a ride on down the road. Christian Wilde’s is frustrated while he is fixing his broken down muscle car, but he takes his mind off it by stroking his hot meat. Then, he finds unsuspecting Jimmy Fanz and takes out his frustrations on Jimmy’s ass. Tommy Defendi makes a pit stop at a public restroom that escalates into sex with plumber Mike Dozer. Mike loves getting his deep hole snaked by Tommy’s massive tool. The Open Road ends in a vineyard, where Donnie Dean helps lost Esteban Del Toro find his way in exchange for an intense tailgate fuck on Donnie’s truck. Additionally, Open Road, Part 2 includes a bonus oral scene featuring Tommy Defendi and Donnie Dean, plus two scenes from the Raging and Falcon library to compliment the movie as part of our DVD + program.

Once you’re on the Open Road anything can happen.  It takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you’ve ever seen.

“I wanted to make a classic hitchhiking movie that featured the kind of sexual iconography and situations that inspired me to be a porn fan at a young age,” states co-director Steve Cruz. “Leave the clusterfuck of the dirty city for the boundless Open Road of sexual freedom. Muscles cars, muscled studs and handsome wanderers, naked under an open sky.”

”Our goal was to capture spontaneous, exciting, intense, hot sex between strangers who meet out on the Open Road. This cast delivered, and I think the fans are going to love this distinctly Raging Stallion big event movie,” adds co-director Bruno Bond.

“The signature of Open Road and all of Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s directing is the amazing chemistry they get from their models.  From choosing the hottest guys, to pairing them perfectly, Steve and Bruno really know how to cast a blockbuster movie. Then they put these great studs in the perfect situations and then film and edit it to best capture the intensity between the models. Open Road is another winner from these amazing directors!” exclaims Chris Ward.  “I’m thankful to them and all the hot guys in it and happy to present Open Road as our 2013 blockbuster, movie event of the year, and I can only imagine it will appear in many award nomination lists next year.”

Open Road is a two part movie. Parts 1 and 2 are now exclusively available on the Raging Stallion, Falcon and GayDVD.com stores.   Fans who choose to purchase both parts in the Open Road Pack for the reduced price of $89.99 will receive Hard as Wood starring Francois Sagat and Michael Brandon, as a complimentary gift with purchase. 


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    November 30, 2013 at 12:04 am

    good job boys..keep it up.

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    March 25, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Adam Ramzi in Hard Friction’s ‘Man Power

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