Blue Movie Completed!

From the Desk of Steve Cruz ( – Thanks Steve!

Blue Movie completed!

Even though I had a scene to finish on Saturday afternoon, we still managed to get in a full weekend of events for the Folsom Street Fair. The weekend kicked off as we reshot the final scene of Blue Movie, which is actually the opening scene of the movie with Dillon Buck and Newcomer Colton Steele. The bust ended up being just the kick in the pants we needed to dial up the heat! I really believe things happen for a reason… now more than ever… and you have to have faith things will happen as they should!

The set was reconstructed back home but 10 times better. The lighting was so much better the second round. And the models were really keyed up so their chemistry and their performances were 10 times more electric than Tuesday. Plus we had worked out most of the shots anyway, so the shoot went like clockwork. Instead of being defeated by a dark spirit of ‘sabotage’, every member of our team was instead invigorated by Tuesday’s event to come back harder and more passionate about the movie… I am proud of each and every one of my cast and crew and to Matt at Str8up who helped us rebuild on home turf.

I am confident we have a great movie in the can that the fans will enjoy. We worked twice as hard to give you what you wanted to see… scenes packed with chemistry and hot action. Smoking hot guys that actually liked each other… it shows in every performance.

Its a wrap on the Blue Movie set

Dillon and Colton on the set

Isn’t our light feroch? Co directors Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo on the set of Blue Movie


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