Size Matters Hits the Streets


Bruno Bond Directs the New Feature from Raging Stallion’s Monster Bang Brand
Starring Sizable Exclusives Boomer Banks & Tommy Defendi

Raging Stallion, San Francisco-based, award-winning all-male erotica producer unveiled its newest release, Size Matters, from its popular Monster Bang line. This Monster Bang release, focusing on “Big Dicks and the Holes They Fill,” puts four, hot significantly smaller bottoms on notice to wrangle their mighty, hung top scene partners.

Director Bruno Bond explores size on many levels by pairing handsome, tall and endowed tops with studs who are contrasting in stature.  The cast is headlined by Exclusives Boomer Banks and Tommy Defendi who are joined by Landon Conrad and Trenton Ducati on the towering top side of the spectrum.  Trelino, Seamus O’Reilly, Devin Dixon and Armond Rizzo get “filled” as the smaller bottoms in the lineup.

There’s no need to drag out the ruler; everyone knows that Size Matters. Director Bruno Bond celebrates the “flavor” of men highlighting expert cock sucking skills, as each young man, in a jock strap, services his older, and larger, hung partner. Boomer Banks takes a back seat to no one in the size department. Young stud Trelino sets out to earn his Sword Swallowing and Hole Stretching merit badge by putting his hands, hole and mouth to work on Boomer’s endowment. Seamus O’Reilly wins Gold using his hollow cheeks and accepting hole to bring Landon Conrad to the heights of ecstasy. Plus, it’s always hot to see a huge cocked bottom like Seamus taking it from another endowed stud like Landon. Tommy Defendi gets the royal treatment from Devin Dixon, who finds new ways to bend his body to take as much dick as Tommy can deliver. Trenton Ducati’s abs, pecs and cheekbones are stone-chiseled, and his square-jawed, green-eyed good looks inspire tight-bodied gymnast Armond Rizzo to open wide at both ends for a rousing hard time. When “large” is not big enough, fans turn to Monster Bang to get the extra inches, because we all know Size Matters.

Size Matters can be found in retail stores and purchased directly on the Raging Stallion, Falcon and GayDVD online stores.

“For Size Matters I put a lot of effort into finding big guys who could really manhandle and physically dominate the smaller, slighter scene partners that I matched them up with,” comments Director Bruno Bond.  “Typically when we talk about size in porn, it’s all about cock size.  This movie is filled with big dicks as every Monster Bang is, but it really added to the dynamic and energy when I focused on pairing guys with contrasting body sizes .”

Size Matters proves yet again that opposites attract – even sexually.  Bruno Bond is great at bringing real, intense, connected sex to the screen by making some of the best casting and model pairing choices I’ve ever seen.  He really puts great care into matching guys who will have serious sexual chemistry, and it pays off with amazing results in the final product,” states Chris Ward, Raging Stallion Founder and Falcon Raging Stallion Studios President. “Size Matters is a sure fire winner delivering ‘Big Dicks and the Holes They Fill’ and then some.”

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