“DARE” Production Diary – Day 2

Braxton Bond on his knees in DAREI arrived at Dry Gulch Ranch on Monday morning a few minutes after 9:00am. The road up was very twisty and curvy, and I wondered how Adam was going to get the RV up there. Pulling into the parking lot for the saloon, I saw a truck sitting there with the portable air conditioning unit on the back. “Portable” wasn’t quite the word, though, as the unit was the size of a small car.

Two men got out and positioned the unit near a back door where they got out a hose 18” in diameter and stretched it onto the set. They just needed to plug it into the generator when it arrived, and the saloon, which was in full sun and had a tin roof, would be kept reasonably cool while we shot. And, they promised me, the unit was whisper-quiet.

With a roar, the RV rumbled onto the parking area, followed by the grip truck and the generator truck. They took some time repositioning themselves while MICK HICKS began to scout for areas to do layouts on the models.

BRAXTON BOND and RILEY BURKE arrived and came up to me with big hugs. They were very excited about the film, and Riley had to do his monologue today before the gangbang scene. He was very nervous about it.

“How do you want me to do it?” he asked. “The monologue isn’t meant to be taken seriously, is it?”

“The monologue is supposed to be from a fictitious Steven Seagal B-movie action flick,” I said, “so, it’s going to be corny. But I need you to deliver it as though you mean every single word, so the guys at the bar believe you.”

“Got it,” he said, and ran off to practice.

While Mick set up his lights, and after I talked with JAMES the lighting guru about what I wanted for the look of the bar, LEIF GOBO, COLBY TAYLOR and I had a quick pow-wow about a few shots I wanted to get while we waited. Mick was going to do some layouts on the models first, so we had to wait until after he was done before we could shoot.

Braxton Bond limping to the car from DARE production

It was decided that we’d get the exteriors of Braxton driving up to the saloon and entering, leaving with Riley and peeling out as he drove away. These were easy. The shots of Riley helping a beaten-up Braxton out of the bar had to be done a few times, as Braxton kept supporting his own weight instead of letting Riley bear the brunt of the load, which resulted in his looking too healthy. lol. Finally, we got the right take, and we shot the peel-out.

Now, Braxton’s character, pissed off at almost being gang-raped and having to be rescued by Riley’s character, backs the car into a closeup on camera then peels out, throwing dirt and smoke into the frame. Leif and I had talked about using a fish tank to put the camera inside and covering him with a blanket to protect both from rocks, dirt and any other flying debris, but the fish tank hadn’t come through, so he decided to do without.

We shot it twice, and Braxton hit his mark with the car perfectly. When he peeled out, great clouds of dirt flew everywhere, looking spectacular. Leif was happy, and so was I.

A trip into the RV for some cold liquid and a breath of cool air (the RV was air-conditioned) had me taking a moment to get my head together for the upcoming scene, and I noticed someone lying on the bed in the back of the vehicle. He motioned for me to come, so I did, and I met MASON WYLER. Mason greeted me with a handshake and a weak smile, then hit me with a sentence that sent a chill totally unrelated to the air conditioning up my spine.

“I’m not feeling well,” he said. “I think I have a fever.”

“I felt his forehead, and he was very warm. “Have you taken any aspirin?” I asked.

He shook his head no. “I’ve been taking Advil.”

“Advil is a pain reliever. You need to take aspirin, which will actually fight the fever. When did you start feeling sick?” I asked.

“This morning,” he replied. “Listen, the reason is probably that I did a gangbang scene yesterday.”


Mason continued. “I did a scene for another company. It was a gangbang, and I was supposed to do it two weeks ago, but they kept postponing it until yesterday. I told them I had to do one today, but they told me I had committed to them first, even if they kept changing the dates, and I was obligated to do it. They were pretty rough on me, and I think my asshole tore a little bit and got infected.”

I sat there, blinking at him, unsure of what to say. It’s not everyday a porn star tells you he’s sick because his asshole ripped.

“Also,” he said, “one of the guys here today was in the gangbang yesterday, and we hate each other.”

What the fuck? Those of you who know me know how much I hate drama on the set, and here I was being handed a big heaping plate of it.

“Why do you hate each other?” I asked.

“He was too rough on me, and I asked him to take it a bit easier. I think it offended him,” Mason answered.

“Look,” I told him, “I’m going to get you some aspirin, and I want you to take it and lie down. We’ll see if you feel better. If not, then we’ll think of something else to do. But before that, I’d like you to take that model aside and try to smooth things over with him. Your tiff sounds kind of silly, and I’m sure you guys can work things out before we shoot. I’ll moderate, if you like.”

Mason smiled and said, “It will be fine. Forget I even told you. Everything will be great.”

The other guys went through the process of getting into makeup one by one: MATTHEW RUSH, DALLAS TAYLOR, TYLER SAINT and ERIC BLAINE. As Mick took his pictures, the lighting crew was having difficulties with the generator. They had lit the set, and the air-con unit was blowing so much cool air it was too cold to stand in front of the tube, but everything was plugged into the generator, and it kept cutting out. This would be the biggest problem of the day. The lighting guys would get it working for about 10 minutes, then it would die again. We were near the top of a mountain in Malibu, and no one’s cell phones worked. There was a land line on the side of the wall of the building, and several phone calls were made to the generator company, but we kept getting their voice mail. For the next several hours, we had flashes of light and cool air which would tantalize us for several minutes before conking out again.

Finally, someone mentioned that the building itself had some power, but no one knew if it would be enough to sustain the lights. Certainly not the lights AND the air-con. I suggested they try the building’s power. All the lights were plugged in, and voila! We had light! The light stayed on, and it was good.

At this point, Roman Heart had arrived onset fresh from the airport, so we began shooting the scene: Braxton walks into this rough bar and orders a frozen strawberry margarita, which causes frowns throughout the joint. When Matt Rush makes a nasty comment, Braxton grabs him and kisses him, causing all the patrons to roughly shove Mr. Bond to his knees. Matt pulls out his hard cock and leads the others in a vicious multi-oral rape of Braxton’s mouth. (Earlier, Braxton had asked me how they could get their dicks in his mouth if he didn’t want them to, and I told him he’d see. He did. lol). Braxton did an amazing job. The expressions on his face sold his performance.

Braxton Bond on his knees in DARE

The air-con continued to go on and off, but the guys didn’t seem to mind. They got hard and stayed hard, and that’s what was important. Now, the scene was supposed to be a gangbang, but what happened was that the guys were so turned on by each other that they couldn’t keep their hands only on Mason. Tyler Saint and Roman split off in a pair, as did Dallas Taylor and Eric Blaine, while Matt Rush continued his oral attack on Mason’s mouth.

Suddenly, Eric Blaine asked if they could take a break. I agreed, and he rushed outside. His quick departure made me wonder if something was wrong, so I followed him out, finding him sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“I’m having stomach cramps,” he said.

“Something you ate?”

“No,” he said, then gestured inside. “Those are some big names in there!”


His eyes got wide. “Matthew Ruh, Roman Heart, Tyler Saint, Mason Wyler…then me!”

I laughed, thinking how cute was this? Eric was nervous because he was in his first big movie, doing a scene with some huge stars! I told him he was performing great and not to worry.

Eric rejoined the group and shooting continued. Falcon’s TROY, who told me not to cast any of the 4 exclusives together because they were like sisters, might be surprised to learn that within minutes, Roman was on his knees sucking Matt without being asked to (or Troy might not be surprised at all. lol).

Soon, it was time for cum shots, and Matthew lead the way with a thunderously loud one as he and the others blew their loads on Mason standing in a semi-circle. Mason popped last, covered in jizz. As we waited for Mason to cum, Matt surprised us all by coming a 2nd time, screaming louder than before. That one must have taken something out of him.

We applauded the guys for their efforts, then as they all filed out to clean up, I checked the script and realized to my horror that we had forgotten to get a shot of Riley standing just inside the swinging doors where he starts his monologue. It was now night, and the shots wouldn’t match. I cursed myself for not catching it, then realized how we could get the shot.

I nabbed Leif and told him what we need to get. “But it’s dark now!” he said. “We can still get it,” I told him. “Go for a low angle in a medium shot. That way, you’ll only see Riley, the swinging doors, and the interior of the tin awning over the porch.”

As he set that up, I told James to put a white key light on Riley, then I had MATT, the grip, take one of the lights simulating daylight outside a window and shine it on the underside of the tin awning. “Keep it simple.” Within 15 minutes, the set was lit and it looked like daylight to the camera. Riley did his monologue again, and we had the shot.

I hugged the gangbang boys and complimented them on a great job. Mason really came through for me, too. As MOCHA was walking around with his camera, I noticed the full moon hanging all plump and juicy in the black sky over the saloon. “Mocha!” I shouted, “you should get a low-angle shot of Riley and Braxton in front of the bar with the moon in the background!”

Mocha saw the shot in his head and instantly got excited about it. He had Matt position a light for him and he snappa da picsh, as Chico Marx would say.

I conferred with ADAM about the shooting schedule for tomorrow at the Four-Aces movie set, and jumped in my car to go home. The treacherously winding road down the mountain wasn’t as bad in the dark as I’d thought, but the seriously-incredibly-treacherously winding Dixie Canyon road going home was, so I opted to take Malibu Canyon Road instead. It took me an extra 10 minutes, but it was a straight arrow back to the valley.

I got home and was surprised to find CVK still up. We chatted about my day, took a shower together, then snuggled in bed til I fell asleep.

The next day was all dialogue and B-roll. It would be uneventful and a breeze to shoot, I thought, and we’d get to do some cool camera stuff.

But as usual, fate wouldn’t be so accommodating.

To be continued…


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