California Dreamin’ 1 – Now Available


Tony Dimarco’s Modern Take on Classic Retro Falcon Poolside Action Experiments
with Technology and Innovation to Make the Release Appear Pre-Condom

Falcon Studios announces the availability of its newest title, California Dreamin’ 1.  As the original Falcon productions were shot in the pre-condom era, Dimarco and the Falcon post-production team have used technology to deliver fans a completely safe sex movie that mostly appears to be a bareback release.  The goal of the experiment was to provide the pre-condom fantasy and remain true to the safe sex philosophy of the studios focused on protecting the health of the models.

The first of a two part series shot and edited with this innovative approach, California Dreamin’ 1 brings steamy fantasies to life when Dimarco’s vision captures – in classic Falcon fashion – what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality.  The cast lead by Exclusives Ryan Rose, Ray Diaz and Donnie Dean also features fan favorites Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Ray Han, Adam Wirthmore and Liam Magnuson in the final scene he shot before he retired from gay porn.

The eight visions in the sun of California Dreamin’ 1 are tanned and toned; the packages are perfect. Ryan Rose finds tanning impossible when Ray Han flashes his tail that’s never seen sun. Ray opens wide at both ends for a multi-position pounding. The hair on Liam Magnuson’s pumped pecs reflects sunlight like gold.  Magnuson appears here in his final scene shot before he retired. Donnie Dean’s touch triggers a sexual chain reaction that doesn’t end until their hard bodies are drenched with sweat and spooge. Adam Wirthmore’s ass gets Angel Rock’s thick member full mast. Hot underwater camerawork captures every detail of their watery suck-n-fuck. Dreamboat Lance Luciano is California Dreamin’ incarnate. Asleep on the lawn, his dreams could never be as hot as Ray Diaz, whose lusty intentions are welcome. Ray is more than turned on by Lance’s finger in his hole, but once Lance’s cock is lodged tightly in Ray’s ass, they go on a fuck journey that leads to a dream ending. You don’t have to dream: Tony Dimarco and the stunning cast of California Dreamin’ 1 deliver chapter and verse in an evocation of primal heat evoked by perfect bodies in the sun. Pass the sun screen and the lube.

The studio has also produced a complimentary digital photo book filled with Polaroid-style images captured by Director Tony Dimarco, Grabby Still Photographer of the Year, Kent Taylor, and Edward Scott during the production of the release.  The iBook can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

Additional formats will be available soon.

California Dreamin’ is a throwback to the Classic pre-condom Falcon poolside movies from the 70’s and 80’s. With this movie I really wanted to capture the essence of that time, when life seemed more carefree and spontaneous,” states Director Tony Dimarco.  “In keeping with this concept, I felt that condoms need to be addressed. I wanted to give the impression of a pre-condom movie, but use condoms as we do in every scene we film.  I found a way to film the movie safely and effectively, while giving the experience that I had intended and using the hottest modern stars. I also teamed up with Ca-Ri-Ca Swimwear, where I found swim suits that are reminiscent of that time, and used other elements throughout the film that give the same reference triggers such as transistor radios, mirrored sunglasses, tanning lotion, etc.”

California Dreamin’will go down as a defining moment in the production of safe, top-quality male erotica.  The innovation and use of technology to make condoms less ‘in your face’ is something that allows us to appeal to all porn fans while protecting our actors’ health!” exclaims Chris Ward, Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios President.  “Tony Dimarco has assembled an amazing cast and given the entire movie the classic Falcon retro feel. Plus, you can’t go wrong with stellar performers like Ryan Rose, Liam Magnuson and Angel Rock.”


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