‘Down to Business’ from Guys Like Us Debuts


Andrew Rosen Directs Stars Lance Luciano, JP Dubois, Bobby Clark & More

Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios and its new line Guys Like Us  announce the release of its newest feature, Down to Business, today.  The focus of the Guys Like Us line of DVDs is focused on the hottest sex between super-hot young studs, and Down to Business delivers. Award-winning director Andrew Rosen assembles a striking cast who all know how to get Down to Business.

A cast of youthful, high-energy guys including Lance Luciano, JP Dubois, Bobby Clark, Dylan Knight, Liam Harkmoore, Joey Rico, Mark Gabriel and Sam Northman complete these carnal deals.  When director Rosen calls “Action!,” this cast gets Down to Business. In these transactions, a raging hard on is legal tender and the tax is paid in cum rather than in currency and power is the name of the game.

Tall, tan and trim dreamboat Lance Luciano has sexual designs on JP Dubois – the young man from the UK. Clothes fall fast as they negotiate the sexual terrain, which includes tons of foreskin, double docking, fingering and fucking. Liam Harkmoore offers added value to his tricks: he can suck himself. The outspread wings inked across Joey Rico’s pecs take flight as he rushes to sink his cock into Liam’s upturned ass. Mark Gabriel and Sam Northman leave the air pungent with sweat and pheromones. Mark is tall, blond and smooth; Sam is shorter, more muscular with darker skin and hairy legs and buns. Bobby Clark stops waiter Dylan Knight in his tracks with a tractor-beam gaze and a huge bulge in his pants. Bobby is the pro and Dylan is the hugely hung novice who is schooled in how to suck, rim and bottom. Dylan’s cum shot could put an eye out. Time is money, and when these studs get Down to Business, you’ll agree that once every cock is sucked, every crack is licked and every hole is plowed, these young studs — and probably the viewers — have been well spent.

“I have never seen such energy and chemistry between performers as I did in Down to Business.” states Director Andrew Rosen. “Many times during the filming of this movie, I was stunned by the creative acts the performers were coming up with and when I yelled ‘Cut’ after Dylan Knight’s cum shot the whole crew erupted with a big gasp that they held in for the long duration of shot.  Bobby Clark is priceless during it.”

Down to Business is high energy.  It’s jam packed with variety of male erotica, and with a cast of young studs who deliver great performances,” states Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios president, Chris Ward.  “JP Dubois and Lance Luciano set the screen on fire and Dylan Knight and Bobby Clark are exceptional.”

Down to Business is available in the Falcon Store as well as the Raging Stallion and GayDVD online stores.

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