HUNT eZine Debuts New Feature: ‘Overblown’

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Exciting New Galleries Will Showcase Fantasy Works by Graphic Artist E. Normous

HUNT eZine has launched a new feature entitled Overblown, which will feature classic Raging Stallion and Falcon images transformed by the artistic vision of in-house graphic artist E. Normous.  The first set of remarkable images now available on showcases the excellent photography of Kent Taylor from Raging Stallion and Fetish Force films pushed to Overblown limits by E. Normous, the lead photo editor and photo retoucher at the studio for over five years. The new feature was inspired by the over-the-top look of Tom of Finland, and is meant to give fans an ultimate enlarged fantasy world filled with Falcon and Raging Stallion men.

New galleries will appear regularly in HUNT eZine and on and will feature everything from classic Falcon star glamour and action images to solo and action images of recent releases from both studios.  As one can see from the debut gallery, E. Normous’ keen editing eye and expert retouching skills have allowed him create a make believe world where everything is Overblown.

“The men of Falcon and Raging Stallion are incredible and there’s nothing like coming to work to face their cocks and balls all day long. I work with the hottest fuckers in the business!” states E. Normous about his pet project. “Year after year editing and retouching these hot photos, I started to wonder what it would be like to push the limits and Photoshop our models into having the physique of Gods – displaying hyper masculinity, wildly bulging muscles, big round erect nipples and out of control sexuality. And, of course, with a rock-hard, GIGANTIC cock, stretching tight holes to the limit!  Overblown is the result, and I am excited to share it with the fans.”

Falcon/ Raging president Chris Ward was enthusiastic about HUNT’s new feature.  “We are in the business of fantasy, and what is more fantasy than this? E. Normous is a very talented artist and letting him run wild with his graphic art skills has resulted in some amazing fantasy imagery.  I hope fans enjoy these crazy Overblown photos!”

OVERBLOWN Before & After


A side-by-side comparison of an original image to E. Normous’ final product demonstrate how he has taken an already amazing image and turned it into something that stands on its own as a piece of erotic fantasy art.


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  1. Ryan

    February 16, 2014 at 10:15 am

    LOVE this. This is some excellent work. It’s obviously not real since guys are not that big (and the pictures are explicitly said to be altered) , but fantasies are fantasies and don’t have to be real. Please keep doing this Falcon & Raging Stallion! The only stuff like this elsewhere on the internet poor quality and buried in years-old websites. OVERBLOWN is awesome!

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