Stag Homme Streets Newest Release – Abraham Al Malek


New Arab Title Star Featured in Three Scenes is an Overnight Sensation

Newcomer Abraham Al Malek is “brutally handsome,” with a warm dark complexion, full beard, intriguing nose and a broad, hairy chest. and he appears in three of the five scenes in the Stag Homme production bearing his name: Abraham Al Malek. His scenes parade not only his hot body and uncut cock, but his sexual versatility: one scene is all oral; in the others, he tops and he bottoms.  Six horny Spaniards join him for 105 minutes of ball draining, ass stretching action. Damien Crosse employs Abraham as a lawn boy but doesn’t want him to stop to cool off, so he ratchets up the heat by coercing sex on the freshly-mown lawn. Abraham and Dato Foland have an online encounter, but their lust is too big for cyberspace so they hook up on Dato’s kitchen counter. Damien gloats over handsome Leo Domenico, who plays a prisoner willing to do anything to appease his angry captor. Abraham and Tomy Hawk are thugs hanging out, trying to beat the afternoon heat. Their solution? A garden hose and a blow job. Finally, Maikel Cash and Goran, white collar and blue collar, literally run into each other on the street. When Maikel drops a letter, Goran follows him to return it. His reward is a robust multi-position fuck. Stag Homme co-directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho have corralled enough cock for every butt, mouth and hand on the set and Abraham Al Malek is the guy who’s cum is the glue holding it all together.


Scene 1: ABRAHAM’S GARDEN – Damien Crosse & Abraham Al Malek

 A lawn boy in Madrid is a different creature than a lawn boy in Southern California. Abraham Al Malek is olive-skinned, barrel-chested and hairy. Sweat makes his sculpted muscles glisten in the sun. For heat relief, he splashes himself in the pool, which pisses off his employer, Damien Crosse, who accuses him of wasting time. Perhaps Abraham’s time would be better spent sucking? Damien’s suit and tie get tossed aside like the lawn trimmings as Abraham commences giving him a hand job/blow job. Damien grabs Abraham’s head and face-fucks him rapidly, spitting in Abraham’s mouth for slicker and deeper penetration. When Damien puts his own deep-throating skills to work, his mouth opens wide and deep to accommodate the full length of Abraham’s cock. After a quick dip in the pool, Damien perches in a shoulder stand on the lawn for Abraham to eat his ass. Damien’s hole is warmed up by Abraham’s tongue and their bodies are warmed by the Madrid sunshine. Abraham spears Damien’s hard buttocks, ramming him repeatedly until Damien erupts noisily in gushing jets of scalding jism. His ejaculation is quickly matched by an outpouring of spunk from Abraham’s uncut cock all over his chest.


Scene 2: CUM ON OVER – Dato Foland & Abraham Al Malek

 Dato Foland and Abraham Al Malek have discovered each other online and are eager to show off their hard muscles and needy cocks. Dato’s upper chest is covered with fine, dark hair and his traps bulge. Abraham is bulkier and hairier, with an ample foreskin. Reality wins out over cyber-fantasy when they hook up in the flesh. Dato’s washboard abs stand out in sharp relief as Abraham busies himself sucking his cock, which gets fatter as it gets harder. Abraham is not content merely to get his cock sucked in return; his hips jerk reflexively so that Dato must grip his big balls for stability. It’s a tossup whose cock will be planted in whose ass, but Abraham is the guy who ends up on his back getting his hole pummeled. They move to the couch. Dato sits. Abraham faces him and lowers his hole onto Dato’s meat. Abraham’s balls and cock slap against Dato’s flat abs as he rides hard. Their groans mingle, as do their loads. Dato cums in Abraham’s mouth then lays his head on Abraham’s belly while Abraham cums in his face.


Scene 3: LOVE CRASH – Goran & Maikel Cash

 Maikel Cash leaves the office, wearing a suit and tie. Goran leaves the gym, wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. They collide on the sidewalk, then move on. But Maikel has dropped a letter, so Goran follows him home to return it. Maikel compliments Goran’s muscled physique and wants to see more of it. For the price of a kiss, Goran obliges him. The air heats up and so do their bodies, with hardons springing up between their legs and their breaths coming fast and short. Off with their clothes. They take turns, each kneeling to suck the other — Goran in deep gulps, Maikel in mouthfuls. They both stand and press their cocks together, thrusting and jousting. Goran turns and faces the wall; he arches his back. Maikel kneels and corkscrews Goran’s hole with his tongue, then teases it with his cock before spearing his guts. From the wall the move to the couch, where Maikel continues to fuck Goran’s hard, tan-lined buns in doggy and missionary positions. Goran ejaculates in an enormous splat below his navel and Maikel dump his load right on top if it.


Scene 4: STOCKHOLM SYNDROME 2 – Damien Crosse & Leo Domenico

 Leo Domenico is being held prisoner, bound naked to a chair in a room wallpapered with propaganda. He’s gagged and one eye is black. Damien Crosse smirks in the corner. He enjoys taunting Leo, degrading him and then covering him with unwelcome kisses. When captives give in to the demands of their captors, is it out of fear or do they acquire some emotional connection? Damien shows Leo the hardon under his coveralls and Leo agrees to suck it if Damien will be nicer. Damien removes the chains so Leo can jack himself while he sucks. Leo’s smooth, pale chest is a stark contrast to Damien’s olive skin, tatts and hairy chest. Damien takes a turn sucking Leo, and Leo’s cock responds by surging to full, fat erection. Leo’s ankles are still tied to the legs of his chair, but that doesn’t prevent Damien from straddling his lap and taking the full length and breadth of Leo’s cock up his ass. Damien bounces and shimmies, choking Leo and kissing him, savoring the pressure of a hard dick against the walls of his hole and rubbing his prostate. At her moment of no return, Damien stands and squirts his hot cum all over Leo’s chest, then he kneels to take Leo’s load in his face.


Scene 5: THUGS IN PUBLIC Ep 3 – Tomy Hawk & Abraham Al Malek

 Tomy Hawk has a needle through his nipple the size of a toothpick. He’s kicking back with Abraham Al Malek on an outdoor balcony under the hot afternoon sun. Abraham grabs the hose to help them cool off, but once their clothes are wet, they’ve gotta come off. It’s no surprise that both dudes are hard. Abraham has a deep chest, dark skin, hairy legs and a beard. Tomy is light-skinned and barrel-chested, with scant dark chest hair. Abraham rims Tomy’s armpits while they jack each other’s cocks. Tomy steps inside and returns with a video camera to film them. They chew each other’s lips and play more with their cocks, then Abraham sucks Tomy in deep inhalations of cock and pubes. They stand, abs to abs, jacking off. Abraham declares “I want your cum” and he kneels for Tomy to shoot in his mouth. He spits Tommy’s cum back out at him, then laps the drips off Tomy’s body before shooting his own load on the hot bricks.

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