“Blue Movie” Production Diary – Part 1

Courtesy of Co-Director Steve Cruz-

Part 1:

Blue Movie is a porn movie about making a porn movie. It’s the first movie directed by the Cruz-Gobo creative team. It’s the first in a line of movies where instead of a focal point being a story, Gobo and I will focus on the chemistry of great sex. So It seemed appropriate to make a movie that was a homage to the movies that started it all… the fuck flicks of the 70s and 80s. It is important to note though that it is a loving homage, not a period piece. We still shot in HD and though we trick out the film with little touches that make the film feel retro at times… the end result is still relevant to today… in spite of the wood-panelled sets and latch hook pillows! -LOL!

Dillon Buck

Dillon and I met on the set of Out On Vacation- shot in the Canary Islands. We hit it off instantly. Besides being incredibly handsome, he’s a real sweetheart and a gentleman. Speaks softly, carries a huge stick. I affectionately call him ‘Longhorn’. See the movie… its pretty obvious why.

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: Describe your scenes in Blue Movie. Who are you paired with?

DB: Scene One – I am paired with Colton Steele, a cute, furry Southern boy. An intense passionate bedroom scene between two guys who share some serious sexual chemistry. The scene starts with a romantic spark between the two men, slow sexual seduction gives way to hot horny energy before they are both spent.

Scene Four – with legendary sex god Zak Spears and sexy newboy Adam Herst.
This scene starts with a brooding sexual tease between myself and Adam making out in the den, only to be caught red handed by big brother Zak Spears, his surprise turns to eagerness as he joins in and takes command of his little brother and his crush in a beer swiggin’ man on man fuck session.

SC: This is your first American Film in some time, and your first for Falcon/Mustang. What have you been up to in the last 6 months?

DB: In the past 6 months I have been very busy with work as an escort. I have however also done a new movie for Menatplay called ‘Ready’ and another movie in the D. I. Sweeney series for UKNakedmen called ‘The Cottage’. I am also launching my own fashion range so that has taken some preparation, meetings, design etc.

SC: Do you watch much porn? What are some of your favorite ‘Blue Movies’?

DB: Some of my favourite ‘blue movies’ are Eruption – TitanMen Director Bruce Cam with Dean Coulter, Eduardo, Austin Masters and Ethan Payne. Fallen Angel II – another Bruce Cam movie with Kyle Brandon, Alex Stone and Mike Roberts. Muscle Ranch – Colt Studio with Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner, but these are just some, I’m sure I have others.

SC: You’ve worked with Joe Oppedisano before, what is it like working with Joe?

DB: Working with Joe is awesome. He knows exactly how to get the best from a shoot and an individual. A true artist in every way making a man look sexual on any set.

SC: Talk a little bit about the man you are off screen. What are your interests? Are you single, partnered? What type of guy gets you excited?

DB: Ok, as some may know I am a single guy from the UK I’m very easy going, down to earth and chilled out. I love the quiet of the countryside and rarely go to clubs and bars, in fact I get quite shy in a crowd of people until I feel comfortable with the dynamics of a room and if the music is pumping make room for me on the dancefloor, that’s when I shine!

I am a keen photographer and I am working at building my portfolio some of which can be seen on my blog, yes I am a keen blogger and enjoy keeping my readers updated on where I am and what I am doing.

The kind of guys I like tend to be the masculine, hairy guys that you find on rugby fields or in the army, I want men to be men not boys.

SC: Name something that is very close to your heart and tell us why you can’t live without it.

DB: Close to my heart – well my heart belongs to my two dogs (breed – Rottweilers) although one of them passed away recently very unexpectedly, I now have a puppy who is growing fast and tearing up my home like a whirlwind of minor destruction.
They have this unique way of loving their way into your life and are there with unconditional love and support whether days are good or bad.

Zak Spears

It was a dream come true to work with Zak. I’ve been watching him for years, a decade or more… and stalking him for months at Hollywood Golds. You have to understand… this is my type of guy! 100% bull strength with a heart of gold. We’ve since become friends and that is the best part of all. I’m privileged that he came back to the industry just in time for Blue Movie. Maybe I coaxed him a bit. He brings a legendary fire to the screen. A natural born performer. A star…

photo Joe Oppedisano

SC: This is your first sexual role in many years. And I must say I love you as the hot daddy… WOOF! Some call this a comeback. How do yo see it? How does it feel to be back in front of the camera? Will we be seeing more of you?

ZS: No I don’t consider or feel its a comeback, its more of a continuance of 17 in this business. I think I have taken “breaks” so we’ll see how long this run goes. But I am enjoying it and hope to do many quality films. As to the Daddy look, Yes I have never felt this comfortable in my own skin, This is not a conceded comment. But I finally after 43 years like my looks, my energy and more importantly I love myself. Something I personally have struggled with for many many years. Point blank- Since I have and only will work with studios I deem as top notch and professional it was a great pleasure to do this film, Falcon has always treated me with respect and kindness has always been shown by the staff I directly work with. I love the crews, great people.

SC: Tell us about your scene and your chemistry with hot newcomer Adam Herst.

ZS: I really liked working with Adam. A great guy, full of energy and dam hot. I felt sorry for him. I was all about tearing up and busting out his hole but had to pull back, My first consideration is always the subs or bottoms comfort ad state of mind. If their up-tight then I get empathetic and it shows on camera. Also I wasn’t into water sports until I met Adam or that scene, now if my partner is into getting pissed on… I’ll do it without hesitation. My only thing is I’m piss shy. Which i find funny since I can fuck a guy in front of a group of 8 people but cant let my bladder go in front of one.

SC: You’ve had a long career that spans two decades. When did you start? What was your first ‘Blue Movie’ called and how old were you? Describe the scene?

ZS: My first film was done back in the cover wagon days in the wild west, It was called “Model Behavior” I think I was 27. I was with Wes Daniels, Chi CHi Larue was directing. At that time Catalina was operational ad to save money they were using both upstairs and down stairs of the home we were in. I was very nervous and scared. needless to say the scene didn’t go well but we got through it. Not one of my favorites to say the least.

SC: How was it working with Joe Oppedisano?

ZS: First, Photographers are like radio announcers. If you’re good everyone nows your work but is clueless as to what you look like. Also I didn’t put the name together even though I am a huge fan of Joe’s work. The recent photos he did of Erik Rhodes, who is just one of my favs in the business were in my opinion, un-fucking believable! They are in his new book that just came out too. I loved working with Joe, He has a new (new to me) attitude on shooting stills and has an amazing eye. He really captures something special with or from his models. I hope to do more with/for him in the future.

SC: You represent a category of men I want to be in. Confident, put together men over 40. I think its the ideal age when everything can come together for a man. When it comes to sex does it get better in your 40s? How do priorities change? Any advice for young bucks who want to go the distance?

ZS: First, I think you are well on your way to to achieving that with little effort. The 40s have been and continue to be an amazing period of awareness and discovery for me and I feel the 50s will as well. I am embarking on two new careers that are taking off great and I am very excited about them. Mentally and within my relationships I am or have learned how to be more involved in my partners life, needs and ambitions as well as my own.

I see and feel communication, that means being able to listen really listen not just talk is so so very important and when you talk really have something to say and thought out before you say it. Priorities do change greatly, clarity comes into focus as to what is really important and not the outside facade. When i was 28 I didn’t know shit, all the things that I thought were so important just haven’t any bearing on my life anymore. I pushed people out of my life for fear of being hurt or cheated on now I can’t believe I worried and stressed out on the things I did. However, I have no regrets. Everything I am now was created by my decisions I made through my life.

As to going the distance. Here it is, as a model never think that porn is going to pay the bills, always have a good job and USE porn to supplement you’re income, Never get high on yourself, there is always a better and fresh body, with a bigger dick and a hot ass waiting around the corner to come into this business, be (yourself) humble and polite. No one likes someone that thinks they are hot stuff and besides that is for the fans to decide not you. Stay the hell away from drugs, what’s the point of making this money if you snort or shoot it up your ass. pointless in my opinion. and lastly…I don’t care how big the dick….WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM! Nothing is more un hot than bare back sex videos. More importantly, your life and well being are not worth the money you make in porn.

SC: “If I could do one thing over I would…”

ZS: As to Porn, Nothing different. I always and only worked for the studios I deemed as the best, only worked with the model that liked, since I know what works for me sexually. As to the one thing I would do over in Life: I would have gotten tested for the Neurological disorder A.D.D much sooner, this is a condition I personally have and was diagnosed severe. I would hope that more parents would get their children, teenagers and yes adults too and start actions to help their loved ones learn and understand a better way to handle and manage this issue in their life. A.D.D. is not just some kid bouncing of the walls after too much chocolate! As an adult this has cost me much. IF I knew then about what was going on in my head and how I process it in a healthier manner. I have had this my entire life, I’m taking now a pro-active response to it. What good has come out of my loss, I have learned more about myself and have an understanding who I am than ever before.

Behind The Scenes
Here are some behind the scenes shots, most of these are taken with my little elph… the standard Steve Cruz shots. You know them well. Gotta make the job fun!

Why do I feel like Zak would rather be telling me what to do…?

Steve and Leif check out the lighting…

I love my job…

I mean really love my job…

Wanna shag?

I’ll be posting the second entry November 1st, more interviews, exclusive behind the scenes and more!



Wow – Great job Steve!



  1. Derek da Silva

    October 23, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Awesome interview with some very hot men. Thanks for the behind the scenes, and I have to agree with everyone here – Joe is the best !

    Can’t wait to see the final product…

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