Boomer Banks Hits it BIG


Everything about Boomer Banks is big: his growing list of scenes, his presence in the gay and mainstream media, his trophy case, his aspirations, and, well, you already knew that! And if you didn’t know that Boomer has the biggest dick in porn today, you might be living under a rock or on a deserted island or in Polebridge, Montana (yes, it’s really a town). And, yes, it’s really that big.

But even bigger is the following and attention that Boomer Banks has attracted not only with his appearances in Raging Stallion movies and scenes, but with his big personality and talents (he’s a skilled fashion designer, promoter and nightclub dancer).  He’s now an established gay porn superstar who has crossed over into the mainstream media and has the potential to become a bona fide celebrity.

Since he was discovered by Raging Stallion, and he signed an exclusive contract with the porn powerhouse in July of 2013, he has shot a total of 15 Raging Stallion, Monster Bang, Hard Friction and Fetish Force scenes.  And these aren’t just any scenes. He debuted in one of the biggest Raging Stallion hits of 2013, Timberwolves, then he appeared in both Parts 1 and 2 of the Raging Stallion Fall Blockbuster, Open Road.


Now, you can find him now in the Spring Raging Stallion Blockbuster, San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1.  And, he’ll be featured in Part 2 that becomes available on May 9. Just in case you’re curious about what’s next, he’ll then show his face in both parts of another two part summer release from Raging Stallion, Under My Skin.

And, in the middle of all this, Boomer shot a scene for a Hollywood film headlined by A-List stars.  The details of this particular project cannot yet be revealed, but if Boomer makes it into the final cut, you’ll be the first to know.


Boomer also took the time to field countless interviews in the gay and mainstream press, and he’s appeared on numerous magazine covers including Cybersocket, Next and more (all you Chicago fans will see him on an upcoming cover of Grab Magazine).

His recent mainstream press that’s received considerable attention is an interview in TimeOut New York and a Gay Male Escort Tell-All on, which was followed up by more Huffington Post ink that appeared in the form of a Hookies Article after Boomer was the big winner of the night taking home Best Cock and Mr. International.  And just proving how International he’s become, Boomer graces the cover of the current issue of Toy, a European adult magazine.

boomer toy

And if those accolades weren’t enough, Boomer has been nominated for Performer of the Year, Best Newcomer, Hottest Cock and Manly Man of the Year in the most important gay porn awards show, The Grabbys, which will be announced in a ceremony in Chicago on Memorial Day Weekend.

When he’s not being the best porn star or the hottest escort in the world, Boomer takes to his other passion, fashion design.  He’s dressing porn star royalty sewing up a spectacular look for ChiChi Larue at this year’s HustlaBall Las Vegas, designing Sister Roma’s White Party gown and Mr. Pam’s digs for this year’s Grabbys. Throw in some hot tops (pun intended) he worked up for him and Seven Dixon’s appearances at the Hookies, and Boomer’s fashion skills are on serious display.

With the countless achievements Boomer’s put on display in just the last nine months – we’ve just scratched the surface here – there’s no limit to the heights he will achieve.  If you take a look at just the amazing scenes available exclusively on, you’ll start to get a sense of just how big this mega star has become.  Stay tuned because Boomer Banks is in the stratosphere and has the potential to make it even bigger and shine even brighter.

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  1. Thomas White

    April 11, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Idid not know Boomer was so talented He can an create something for me any time

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