Director Spotlight: Tony Dimarco


No other porn director working today has won as much respect as an erotic filmmaker than the legendary Tony Dimarco.  The winner of more best-picture awards than just about anyone, Tony is known for his top-shelf productions that combine amazing sex with Hollywood-level film making. After serving as lead cinematographer and director at Lucas Entertainment for five years, he joined Raging Stallion as a director in 2008.

His keen eye for detail, exceptional art direction, creative visual storytelling style and out-of-this-world editing skills had won the attention of Raging Stallion and Falcon company president, Chris Ward, who named Dimarco Senior Director of the combined studios when they merged in 2011.


Tony’s greatest hits at Falcon & Raging Stallion include his best picture winners To The Last Man, Part 1 & Part 2  and Focus / Refocus, both of which he co-directed with Chris Ward and Ben Leon.

His solo directing best movie was The Visitor, which stars Logan McCree as an alien come to earth to explore human sex, and it ranks as one of his best films. It showcases Tony’s editing abilities like no other.  The special effects are so remarkable that one wonders why he is not working for Universal Studios!   Tony also won many awards for his first project at Raging Stallion The Drifter, which was elegantly filmed in the woods of Northern California. He is most known for his two-part exploration of violence in a movie aptly called Brutal, which takes place in the dark context of the boxing world.



Other notable films include Arab Heat, California Dreamin’, Bucks County, Cowboys, The Woods, Behind The Big Top, and Golden Gate Season 2: The Perfect Ten.  Filming up to 15 movies per year, Tony’s hits just keep coming, the latest being his current film the new release from Raging Stallion, San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1 .

We asked Tony a few questions about his Erotic work:

HUNT: What your approach to filmmaking?

Tony Dimarco: I always approach each project, whatever the size, as a challenge: how can I make this movie the best film possible? I’m always looking for way to learn and do things better. Sometimes working on the smaller films are the most rewarding, because you’re able to be more creative with limitations. I really enjoy creative autonomy. I also feel it’s important to create an atmosphere that you’re comfortable and happy to work in. You want to be comfortable, as well as keep your actors comfortable so that they can give the best performance possible. I want to have fun and do good work so I believe it all stems from that.

H: What is your philosophy of filming porn?

TD: Porn is all about a fantasy that we create of people having sex.  I approach each movie and scene with the question, how would this play out? Why are these people motivated to have sex with each other? For me it’s all about the motivation of having sex and creating a moment of sexual tension that sparks an action. Once they get going it’s about maintaining a connection between the guys and filming the best angles possible to show the viewer everything he wants to see.

H: What is your favorite Falcon /Raging movie you’ve done.

TD: My favorite Raging/Falcon movie at the moment is Behind The Big Top, maybe because it’s recent, but also because it’s a movie where the whole aesthetic and concept came together beautifully. The set was spectacular, the actors gave great performances, and the sex was over the top. I’m really happy how this film turned out. When you start with a spark of an idea and it turns out better than expected, it’s quite rewarding.


H: What do you look for in your ideal actor?

TD: In an ideal actor, I look for several things. Of course, you want someone who is good looking has a great body and a big cock (or great ass). But besides that I think what’s most important for me is their attitude and enthusiasm in what they do. I noticed over time the guys who loved what they did and had the best attitudes on set were some of the best performer’s I worked with. These are the people I wanted to work with again and again.

H: What would you want your legacy in Gay Porn to be?

TD: I guess at the end of the day I would like to be known a director who made quality gay porn films, and perhaps raised the bar to inspire people to do good work. I feel that quality gay porn can stand the test of time. Like some of the classic Falcon Studio films, they are still hot to this day. If a viewer really likes a film you made that’s great, but if they go back to it repeatedly because it gets them off, then you’ve really have succeeded. In the end, I hope I made a lot of people cum.

H: How can fans find out what you’re up to?

TD: I’m active on Twitter and often post photos from productions I’m working on.  My Twitter is @MrDimarco

Tony Dimarco Videography:

San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Best Buddies – Falcon Studios
California Dreamin’ 1 – Falcon Studios
California Dreamin’ 2 – Falcon Studios
Bucks County 1 – Into the Wild – Falcon Studios
Bucks County – 2 Road to Temptation – Falcon Studios
Sexo En Barcelona, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Sexo En Barcelona, Part 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
Hole 1 – Monster Bang
Hole 2 – Monster Bang
Behind The Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios
The Woods, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
The Woods, Part 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
Summer Lust – Falcon Studios
Revved Up! – Monster Bang
Couples – Falcon Studios
Body Shop – Falcon Studios
Seduced – Falcon Studios
Picture Perfect – Falcon Studios
Fucked Down – Raging Stallion Studios
Fucked Up – Raging Stallion Studios
Hungover – Falcon Studios
Cockwork – Raging Stallion Studios
Point & Shoot – Falcon Studios
Golden Gate Season 4: Tourist Season – NakedSword Originals
Suited For Sex – Raging Stallion Studios
Roughin’ It 2 – Falcon Studios
Cowboys, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Cowboys, Part 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
What Goes Around… – Falcon Studios
Golden Gate Season 3: Seduced by San Francisco – NakedSword Originals
Office Affairs – Falcon Studios
Stud Fuckers – Monster Bang
Golden Gate Season 2: The Perfect Ten – NakedSword Originals
Drenched In Piss County – Fetish Force
Brutal, Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios
Brutal, Part 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
Don’t Ask, Just Fuck – Monster Bang
Night Maneuvers – Raging Stallion Studios
Steamworks – Raging Stallion Studios
Roll in the Hay – Raging Stallion Studios
Code Yellow: Piss In My Mouth – Fetish Force
When Men Fuck – Raging Stallion Studios
Sounding 5 – Fetish Force
Arab Heat – Raging Stallion Studios
Focus – Raging Stallion Studios
Refocus– Raging Stallion Studios
Gunner World – Monster Bang
The Visitor– Raging Stallion Studios
Ten Pound Tube Steak – Monster Bang
Port Of Entry – Raging Stallion Studios
Menace – Raging Stallion Studios
Wild Ride – Raging Stallion Studios
Rear Deliveries – Monster Bang
To The Last Man, Part 1 – The Gathering Storm – Raging Stallion Studios
To The Last Man, Part 2 – Guns Blazing – Raging Stallion Studios
On The Job – Raging Stallion Studios
The Drifter – Raging Stallion Studios


  1. Mark Romanek

    April 13, 2014 at 9:08 am

    He is a legend of a porn director. I hope he keeps raising the bar and setting the standard.

  2. Anwar hosen

    April 16, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    I like body fuck me

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