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For anyone who hasn’t left the house in the last year or two, we have news for you.  Beards are in.  They’re totally in.  They’re so in that razor manufacturers are losing market share and trying to find ways to send the beard frenzy into obscurity. We don’t think that’s happening anytime soon, and whether you’re a beard fan or not, you can’t escape the style trend that appears everywhere from mainstream fashion advertising to the scenes of gay porn movies, especially those from Raging Stallion Studios, and most recently an sexy photo book from Bruno Gmunder, Beards: An Unshaved History that features iconic images from some of the hottest bearded studs who have ever walked the planet.


Bearded Al Parker & Moustached Dick Fisk from the Iconic Falcon Title
The Other Side of Aspen

When asked about his focus on the book, author Dr. Kevin Clarke states, “I told the Gmünder editors that if I were to do a beard book, I didn’t want to write about grooming products or shampoo, but make seventies icons such as Al Parker—whom his biographer calls “The Original Clone”—the starting point for my journey through the centuries, and look at bearded history from a pronounced gay perspective.” And, look at beards from a gay perspective is what he did.

The sexiness of the beard is the through line, and Clarke lets it all hang out.  From classic porn photos to recent ones, an interview with celebrated female porn director, mr. Pam and a profile of Award Winning Director Steve Cruz’s Beard Blog (and photos of the hot star turned director), there is a distinctive focus on the eroticism of beards in the entire book.

The book gives you a history of facial hair all the way back to B.C. and then focuses on beards in the 2oth and 21st century and how they have come back into fashion through the decades. If you’re a fan of beards, you get a look at nearly every type of beard and facial hair, and you learn a little bit about where and why that shape come about.  


One of Raging Stallion’s Biggest hits from the 2000’s Tales of the Arabian Nights
Featuring Bearded Aybars and Steve Cruz

Clarke speaks of how many people adopted beards after 2001 for very different reasons, but collectively inspired the world to grow back big old-fashioned beards. Coincidentally, or maybe not, this was shortly after Raging Stallion Studios came onto the scene featuring burly, hairy men, which was a big departure from the very clean-cut look that was en vogue in porn during the 80s and 90s.

Chris Ward, founder of Raging Stallion Studios, wanted to give the world an alternative to the manicured, boy-next-door look that was pervasive in the industry, and he hit it big by offering a large market the porn they wanted to see.

Now, with beards becoming even more of a trend, you see them everywhere and in all walks of life. You also can see then in nearly any recent Raging Stallion, Monster Bang or Hard Friction release, and even some recent Falcon releases.  Here are some recent exceptional beards and facial hair from the studios. If you like a man with a beard, you won’t want to miss these hot DVDs and scenes.

Steve Cruz is definitely a fan of beards in his releases, and every man in the Raging Stallion hit of 2013, Timberwolves is sporting one.


Marcus Isaacs & Boomer Banks in Timberwolves


Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi in Timberwolves


Jimmy Fanz & James Jamesson in Timberwolves


Aleks Bolducek & Shawn Wolfe in Timberwolves

James Jamesson can also be seen in another big 2013 hit with his massive, bushy red beard in Behind the Big Top


More photos of Jamesson and other porn stars can be found in Beards: An Unshaved Historycheck it out, and check out more hot hairy, bearded and mustached porn stars on the Falcon & Raging Stallion Store.


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