NakedSword Originals Releases ‘Roommate Wanted’


New Film by Award-Winning Director mr. Pam Available on DVD Now

The new DVD for NakedSword Originals’ hit online series Roommate Wanted is available nowDirected by Grabby Award-winner mr. Pam, Roommate Wanted stars some of the industry’s most in-demand performers like Boomer Banks, Colby Keller, Leo Forte and Joseph Rough, just to name a few. You won’t believe what these horny apartment hunters do to find a place to live in the city by the bay.

Rent in San Francisco is skyrocketing and the men of San Francisco are desperate! In Roommate Wanted, the latest true-to-life hit from NakedSword Originals, Rey Luis, Cam Christou, Liam Harkmoore, Dylan Knight, and Joseph Rough each look for a place to lay their head; and boy, do they find it. Watch as they try out a not-so-open house hosted by big-dicked Boomer Banks, an open position with Colby Keller, and an only-in-San-Francisco crashpad with Luke Harding and Leo Forte. Watch as these boys use their wiles to disrupt the market — and find their way into some very envious positions.


Scene 1: Boomer Banks and Rey Luis

Beautiful End Unit: Rey Luis shows up at an open house, and finds that he’s the one taking the deposit. So what if it’s not the right apartment — when he cracks the door and finds Boomer Banks stroking his huge cock, he’s ready to move in. And so is Boomer! After stuffing Rey’s face, he bends over the smooth bottom and splits him like a utility bill. If this is what the new economy is like, bring it on!


Scene 2: Leo Forte, Cam Christou, and Luke Harding

Shared Utilities: Want to move into this hip crashpad? Before you sign the lease here, you have to leave a deposit. Cam Christou is looking for a shared apartment, but when sexy Luke Harding opens the door, he sees that the floors aren’t going to be the only hardwood. The house has more men than it does bedrooms, Luke tells him, and the communal living arrangements extend way beyond the chore wheel. It’s a sharing economy based on sex, and lean-and-tatted Cam shows he’s more than happy to contribute. The initiation starts out in the hallway, and before long the two are joined by Leo Forte, who breaks in his new roommate with his fat dick. Luke gets in on the action as well, first riding Leo and then moving into Cam’s back bedroom. The three collapse in a pile of sweat and sex. And just think — the other roommates aren’t even home yet!


Scene 3: Dylan Knight and Liam Harkmoore

The Housing Squeeze: Looking for a place in San Francisco without a dotcom salary? Good luck. Liam Harkmoore and Dylan Knight meet in a line for rental unit, but when it’s clear they’re out priced, they go in for something a little more cooperative. Luckily, Dylan’s got a key to a place around the corner where no one’s home. They may not be able to move in — but they certainly can use it to unload. The door is hardly shut before Liam is thanking his would-be host, with a pair of firm lips and raging hard cock. So what if it’s a short-term solution? In San Francisco, any bed is better than none!


Scene 4: Colby Keller and Joseph Rough

The Catch: When Joseph Rough sees an ad for $100 a month rent, he knows there’s a catch. But when Colby Keller answers the door in his underwear, it’s less catch than caught. Keller’s a novelist looking for a helping hand — and a mouth and ass, for that matter. When he drops his pen, Joseph drops to his knees, and the real work begins. Or is it play? Joseph swallows Colby whole, and it isn’t long before he’s providing the whole resume. Colby fucks him with creativity of a true artist, and Joseph takes it like someone who’s not only got the job, and got the place, but has the work ethic to do it three times a day!

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