Christopher Daniels Writes & Publishes ‘Money’s on the Dresser’


Christopher Daniels in Hard Friction’s Powerload

Christopher Daniels is an in-demand porn star and escort, thanks to his ginger-blond supermodel looks, ripped physique, and his natural charisma and charm. But if you’ve ever wondered about all the hot, dirty, and outrageous things clients ask for, you can read about his real life escorting exploits in his self-published book Money’s on the Dresser.


Daniels’ deeply personal stories are often humorous, sometimes shocking, and 100% real. The model-turned-author reveals everything you wanted to know—but couldn’t even imagine to ask—about working the world’s oldest profession in our current era of kink and consumerism. Ultimately, Daniels’ journey is one of self-discovery as he realizes that his work has a much greater impact than he ever expected.

In addition to writing and escorting, Christopher Daniels is one of the top porn stars in the gay adult industry. He recently delivered powerhouse performances in films like Hard Friction’s Powerload and Monster Bang’s Lowdown Dirty. Daniels drew his escorting experiences to play the part of a naïve client getting the most intense ass-fucking of his life in NakedSword Originals’ Hooker Stories, currently showing in HD on FalconTV.


Christopher Daniels in Monster Bang’s Lowdown Dirty

We caught up with Daniels to ask him a few questions about what he’s up to now and what he has planned for the future:

HUNT: How did writing this book change the way you look at performing in porn and escorting?

Christopher Daniels: I think writing this book made me grateful for leading such an interesting life. Whenever I’m restless or bored, I just pick up my book, reread a few lines and realize what an interesting life I lead. I love adventures!

HUNT: Do you have a preference between escorting and performing in movies?

CD: I’ve been doing both for a while now as well as dancing at clubs and events like Nob Hill Theatre, Folsom Street Fair, Pride, etc. I like to do a mixture of all three because it keeps life interesting and full of exciting challenges.

HUNT: What’s the strangest request you ever got while escorting or performing that didn’t make it into the book?

CD: Too many to count. One that sticks out happened soon after I starting escorting. I was with a client and we were in the middle of “exploring each other’s bodies.” He looked at me with this desperate look in his eyes, and he was near tears. He cried out, “Oh Chris… I wanna have your babies!” Well, I’m a pretty good actor – I got an A in high school drama class – so I just went along with it and acted like I was down to be his babies’ daddy. He loved it!

HUNT: Are there more collections of your stories on the way?

CD: I started writing new material about my experiences in the porn industry, but it’s still in early stages. Self-publishing Money’s on the Dresser, building my own online store, and doing publicity has been pretty time consuming, but very rewarding.

HUNT: What is the one thing that you hope readers will take home from reading Money’s on the Dresser?

CD: I just want people to hear a part of themselves in my voice. It means a lot when someone approaches me to tell me they read my book and thanks me for sharing my story. One thing I wanted to do was help de-stigmatize sex workers and show the world at large that we are people too, just like anyone else.

Buy Money’s on the Dresser from Daniels’ website and follow him on Twitter at @ctopherdaniels.

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