‘Under My Skin, Part 2’ Released by Raging Stallion Studios

RSS121_PCCAll Star Cast Featuring Exclusives Boomer Banks & Seven Dixon Deliver Tattoos and Attitude

Celebrated, rough and rugged gay adult producer Raging Stallion Studios is proud to announce the release of the second part of Under My Skin. Part two of this ink-infused fuck fest takes fans deeper into the hard core tattoo parlors and shadowy back alleys where anonymous men meet to satisfy their most primal urges.

Directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz capture all the spontaneous, authentic action from a down and dirty cast featuring Raging Stallion Exclusive Boomer Banks with Draven Torres, FX Rijos, Derek Parker, Jake Jammer, Ryan Patrix, Damien Crosse, Seven Dixon and Cam Christou.


Draven Torres, FX Rijos & Derek Parker in Under My Skin, Part 2

The sensation of penetration is indelible: once experienced, it changes the attitude of every man at his core. Relenting control gives way to a release unlike any other, just as enduring the sting of a tattoo machine penetrating beneath the skin yields a lifetime of gratification. In Under My Skin, Part 2, directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz document spontaneous, anonymous, testosterone-drenched sex featuring nine horny studs for whom ink is an irresistible aphrodisiac. Draven Torres, FX Rijos and Derek Parker dive into a three-way fuck that thoroughly drains their balls. Jake Jammer speaks the dirty language of sex, urging bull-balled Ryan Patrix to fuck him harder and deeper. Beefy Damien Crosse and Seven Dixon lure each other with muscle and ink; who will take the bait? Boomer Banks, equipped with a massive ten-inch cock, utilizes a tattoo parlor’s reclining chair to pummel even deeper inside Cam Christou’s eager hole, stimulating the tender, sensitive places no one else could reach. In these back alleys and tattoo parlors, making the first move is a sign of submission, but the men of Under My Skin, Part 2 seduce each other with offers impossible to refuse.


Jake Jammer & Ryan Patrix in Under My Skin, Part 2

Under My Skin is about inked up guys totally fixated on getting off,” states director Steve Cruz.  “The models put all of their strength and concentration into their performances. It’s rough, exciting, and really fucking hot.”


Damien Crosse & Seven Dixon in Under My Skin, Part 2

“The action in Under My Skin has the authenticity that comes with a lifetime’s dedication to the art of tattoos,” states Chris Ward, Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios President. “I applaud directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz for showcasing the edgy attitude and sexual intrigue of body art. It makes Under My Skin, Parts 1 & 2 one of the hottest films of the year.”


Boomer Banks & Cam Christou in Under My Skin, Part 2

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