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Chris Ward in Club Inferno’s Fist for Hire, Part 1

Chris Ward is a singular figure in gay erotica. After getting his start directing for Hot House, building Raging Stallion, and merging with Falcon Studios, his career has come full circle with the recent acquisition of Hot House Entertainment. These three studios now comprise the new Falcon Studios Group, the world’s largest producer of all-male erotica. In this exclusive interview, Ward tells us about his journey from fledgling director to Falcon Studios Group President.

HUNT: So Chris… you started Raging Stallion years ago, then merged with Falcon, and now you have just announced that you are taking over Hot House Entertainment.  Did you ever imagine this would happen when you started your porn career?

Chris Ward: It’s been beyond any and all expectations.  When I started Raging Stallion I had the modest hope of earning a small income and not going broke!  It was touch and go for many years.  I looked at companies like Falcon, Titan, and Hot House with a huge amount of envy.  My goal was just to join that elite group with good quality filmmaking.  I loved shooting hot guys having sex.  It was a dream job.  I never thought I would have as much success as I have had over the years. It’s been a hugely rewarding experience, and I hope it continues for years to come.

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Chris Ward in Club Inferno’s Fist for Hire, Part 1

HUNT: You got your start at Hot House back in 1997.  Tell us about that.  Also, how does it feel to now be back at Hot House after all these years?

CW:  I got started as an actor/director for Steven Scarborough’s Club Inferno line of fisting films.  I honestly think the main reason he gave me a chance (remember, I had ZERO experience in porn or in film) was because I had a group of five or six fuck buddies who wanted to be in a fisting movie, myself included.  It’s very, very difficult to cast fisting movies, so having a whole cast of actors at the ready was the door opener.  My first movie did well—I realized quickly that wow, finally I had found something I was really good at.  That movie turned into another dozen films I made for Hot House.  I was given an incredible amount of freedom to develop my own style. I think Steven gave me this freedom because the product was really good.  At some point in those early years I decided to go full porn—so I quit my day job and started Raging Stallion with my business partner, J.D. Slater.  After that I had an ugly separation from Hot House, something that troubled me for many years.  Finally, about five years ago, Steven and I had a reconciliation (time heals all wounds….it really does).  He and I have been close ever since.  When Steven decided to retire, he came to me to ask if I was interested in taking over Hot House.  He told me that he trusted me with his legacy.  That is the finest complement I have ever had.

HUNT: What do you like about Hot House movies?

CW: They are very, very high quality in terms of production value.  The lighting, the sets, the editing—it’s all top, top quality.  Personally I really dislike watching poorly filmed porn, and Hot House defines high quality. I also really like the feel and energy of Hot House erotica. This all comes from Steven Scarborough’s approach to porn—its ass centered and in your face.  Its old school, a legacy from his years at Falcon back in the 1980s and 1990s, but it’s GOOD School.

HUNT: The combined Falcon / Raging Stallion / Hot House mega studio, Falcon Studios Group, is the largest gay porn production company in the world.  How on earth are you going to manage filming so much content and maintaining the integrity of these important brands?

CW: It’s a huge job, and a little scary.  We have a full movie being shot every single week all year long, and some weeks we have two movies being shot. We will produce almost 100 new four-scene movies over the next 12 months, and release another 50 compilations, collections, or special package events. This represents nearly 50% of all new gay porn being shot in the United States, and almost 75% of all high-quality all-mail erotica worldwide.  I have a team of first class, award winning directors to rely upon to get the job done: Tony Dimarco, Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Christian Owen, and Nick Foxx.  And, given the workload, you will probably see me coming out of direction retirement to shoot some productions next year.  Christian comes over from Hot House and I plan to work closely with him to maintain the look and feel of Hot House productions. Of course it will change a bit, just like Falcon changed a bit, but the heart and soul of each individual brand is important.  Customers want to get what they expect when they purchase a title from any individual brand.  We have done a good job keeping Falcon and Raging distinct, and I think we can do the same with Hot House.  But since I am now running Hot House, you will certainly occasionally see a hairy guy popping up now and then!

HUNT: You have recently announced a whole new class of exclusive actors.  Many studios do not sign guys to contracts anymore.  Why are you doing this?

CW: We have a lot of porn to shoot, so its part of my job to secure the hottest talent on earth to appear in our films.  If I can get them to appear only in our films, then all the better! We have recently signed some amazing men to join our team of top quality actors.  Our current exclusives include Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe, Sean Zevran, Dario Beck, Brian Bonds, Andrew Stark, Johnny V and David Benjamin.  And, we’ll be announcing another huge name in the next couple weeks.

HUNT: What’s coming up in the immediate future?

CW:  We’ve picked up the Hot House production, and fans will start seeing those updates on the membership sites soon.  Immediately, we’ll be increasing the updates on HotHouse.com to two updates per week, and we’re offering all of our fans 50% discounts on HotHouse.com and ClubInfernoDungeon.com during the month of August. We are about to release four major features for the fall: ‘Naughty Pines 1 and 2’ from Falcon Studios and ‘Gran Vista’ and ‘The Tourist’ from Raging Stallion.  My directorial return ‘Breaking the Bond’ starring Exclusive Brian Bonds and four more exclusives is coming later this year.  The Falcon Edge line is about to release its next film, ‘Crave.’  We will announce a super star exclusive in the next couple weeks, and we’re going to announce the Falcon Studios Group “A TEAM” of models in September—these will be the guys we are casting as our top stars for the next year, and they’ll all be appearing at our Annual VIP Party.  This year the party will celebrate 15 Years of Raging Stallion and 20 Years of Hot House on the Saturday night before Folsom Street Fair.  Plus, I’m very excited about the collector’s edition Raging Stallion 15th Anniversary Pack coming out in September, which includes my 15 picks for the best movies Raging Stallion Studios has ever produced. It’s an exciting time to be working on so many different projects, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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