Model Spotlight: James Ryder

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James Ryder in Under My Skin, Part 1

James Ryder has a tight body, tattooed arms, and an alluring submissiveness, making this bottom stud an in-demand fan favorite. Since his discovery in Hard Friction’s Never Enough, James has consistently delivered stellar performances for Raging Stallion and Hot House, including Monster Bang’s Hung Americans, Part 2 and Raging Stallion’s Open Road, Part 1. Recently, he’s been penetrated by Christian Wilde in Raging Stallion’s tattoo-themed fuck flick Under My Skin, Part 1, and gets totally dominated by Andrew Justice in the all-in Hard Friction feature Balls Deep. This month, FalconTV viewers can also see James in JOCKS’ Mountain Tops, Part 2. James is a true performer with a rocking body and an incredible career that shows no signs of slowing down.

James Ryder Videography:

Balls Deep – Hard Friction
Under My Skin, Part 1 – Raging Stallion
Good Sports – Gym Dudes
Get Your Ass in Gear! Part 2 – Gym Dudes
Open Road, Part 1 – Raging Stallion
Relentless – Hard Friction
Hung Americans, Part 2 – Monster Bang
Champs – Gym Dudes
Heretic – Raging Stallion
Lowdown Dirty – Monster Bang
Powerload – Hard Friction
Full Release – Hard Friction
The Dom – Hot House
Cock Shot – Monster Bang
Stripped 2: Hard For the Money –  Monster Bang
Mountain Tops, Part 1 – Jocks
Mountain Tops, Part 2 – Jocks
Never Enough – Hard Friction

James Ryder Model Spotlight Gallery: 


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