Falcon Edge Streets ‘Crave’


Director Nick Foxx Highlights Intense Connections Shared by All-Star Cast

Falcon Edge, the newest line from iconic Falcon Studios, today releases Crave, starring Exclusives Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe, Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds and David Benjamin in his Falcon debut, plus superstar fan favorites Paul Wagner and Brock Avery. With this title, Falcon Edge Director Nick Foxx further refines the Falcon Edge brand by showcasing intense, vigorous, connected sex.

It’s instant: the sexual energy between two men who Crave each other. From the first moment of every scene, director Nick Foxx delivers supercharged sexual encounters in his fourth film for Falcon Edge. Boomer Banks puts his imposing endowment to work on Brock Avery, but only after increasing the anticipation with intense foreplay. Sean Zevran relieves the longing of hairy bottom Shawn Wolfe. Brian Bonds yearns to tangle with David Benjamin, and may get more than he bargained for. Paul Wagner needs—NEEDS—to have his ass pounded by Sean Zevran. Muscles pump, bodies sweat, tongues lick, holes pucker, and cocks erupt—these men will do anything to get what they Crave.

“The action in Crave is fast, hard, and focused,” states Nick Foxx. “Every scene begins with two men making out, already consumed with lust, and it only gets better from there. The guys’ chemistry was off the charts—it was hard to hold them back until the cameras started rolling! It made this movie really fun to make, and fans are going to love watching it.”

Crave is a tour-de-force of high-quality erotica featuring an all-star cast filled with Falcon Studios Group exclusives,” says Falcon Studios Group President Chris Ward. “‘With incredibly hot performances from the stunning models and thrilling pacing from Director Nick Foxx, this film is a must-see. Falcon Edge is a great line with even more hot, exciting Falcon Edge movies planned for the future.”

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