Model Spotlight: Austin Wolf

A-Team Exclusive Austin Wolf

Everything about Austin Wolf is BIG! The A-Team Exclusive stands tall at 6’5”, and he has a cock and a physique to match. With his bulging biceps, his massive chest, and his mouthwatering manhood, Austin rules as the top dog in the Hot House pack. His performances as a power top show off his athletic strength and his intense, authentic sex drive. In addition to his physical talents, every one of Austin’s scenes is bolstered by his magnetic personality. He asserts his dominance with a stern, intimidating demeanor, fulfilling Tom of Finland fantasies of powerful executives or rough factory foremen demanding submission from their subordinates.  But Austin also has a warm, affectionate, caregiving aspect to his personality, which generates intense emotional chemistry in every appearance. Catch the latest scenes from this mega hunk in the Hot House releases Internal Specialists, Skuff: Rough Trade 1, On the Market and Ride It, and watch this space for updates on Austin’s upcoming performances.

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Austin Wolf Videography 

Bathhouse Ballers – Hot House (COMING SOON)
Dirty Work – Hot House (COMING SOON)
Depths of Focus – Hot House (COMING SOON)
Internal Specialists – Hot House
Skuff: Rough Trade 1 – Hot House
On the Market – Hot House
Ride It – Hot House
Doc’s Orders – Hot House
Beef Squad – Hot House
Towel Off – Hot House
State of Arousal – Hard Friction
Hot As Fuck – State of Arousal
Fire and Ice – Hot House
Total Exposure 2 – Raging Stallion
Total Exposure 1 – Raging Stallion
Monumental Ass – Hot House
The URGE – Pound That Butt – Hot House
The URGE – Huntin’ For Ass – Hot House
Sex Pad – Falcon Studios
Magnums – Falcon Edge
Fine Tuned Ass – Hot House

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