Free Action Gallery: ‘Blindfolded’

‘Blindfolded’ Directed by Nick Foxx

Deprived of sight and forced to rely on their other sexual senses, these hunks get Blindfolded and submit to the mercy of their anonymous hookups. Director Nick Foxx leads you and seven of the hottest Hot House men into the realm of sensory deprivation fucking. Skyy Knox gets surprised when Austin Wolf introduces another cock into their anonymous action. Skyy gets double the pleasure when Logan Moore and Austin fill unknowing Skyy with both their cocks. With eyes covered, Gabe Steele waits ass up for his anonymous fuck. Jacob Taylor arrives, giving him cock in every way, coats Gabe in cum and leaves. Austin Wolfe delivers ultimate pleasures to Blindfolded Colton Grey. Skyy Knox gets extreme when energized Johnny V is deprived of his sight, Skyy takes charge and takes his topping session with Johnny to extremes. Get Blindfolded, let loose of all control, and submit yourself to pure, anonymous ecstasy.

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