Model Spotlight: JJ Knight

Exclusive JJ Knight

Big-dicked, Falcon exclusive JJ Knight started just recently in the porn industry, but he’s quickly become gay erotica powerhouse. Since his debut featuring his award-winning 10″ cock, Knight has captivated fans worldwide with his all-American good looks and southern boy charm. Now at the top of his game, JJ continues to knock out scene after scene and amazing performance after amazing performance, keeping fans eagerly awaiting what‘s next from the ever-rising star. Think you can take all 10 inches of JJ yourself? Try your hand at his personalized Signature Supercock if you think your hole is up for the challenge! Incase you’re not ready to be stretched to the max, you can catch JJ’s recent performances in Hidden Palms, Love & Lust in New Orleansand Head Play from Falcon Studios. Knight also played a horny patient in the medicinal fantasy, Private Practicefrom Hot House. Be on the lookout for Knight’s upcoming releases as this porn heavy-hitter is constantly wrecking holes and taking names! 

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JJ Knight Videography

Entourage – Falcon Studios (COMING SOON)
Mojave Heat –
Falcon Studios (COMING SOON)
Hidden Palms – Falcon Studios
Private Practice – Hot House
Love & Lust in New Orleans – 
Falcon Studios 
Head Play – 
Falcon Studios 
Looking for the Big One – 
Falcon Studios 
Intimate – 
Falcon Studios 
Route 69 – 
Falcon Studios
MXXX: The Hardest Ride – 
NakedSword Originals
Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 – 
Falcon Studios
Property Lovers – 
Falcon Studios
 – Falcon Studios
Internal Specialists – Hot House
Into the Blue – Falcon Studios
Urban Spokes – Falcon Studios
Greasers – NakedSword Originals
Pitching Tents – Falcon Studios
Deep Release – Falcon Studios
About Last Night – Falcon Studios
Wild Weekend, Part 2 – Falcon Studios
Wild Weekend, Part 1 – Falcon Studios
Desert Getaway – Falcon Studios
On the Market – Hot House
Ultra Sex – Falcon Edge
Cruising Grounds – Hot House
Sexflix & Chill – Falcon Studios
Fuck Me I’m Famous – NakedSword Originals
Tahoe – Snowbound – Falcon Studios
Between the Sheets – Falcon Studios
Heated, Part One – Falcon Studios

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