Free Action Gallery: ‘Erector’


A-Team Exclusive Derek Atlas & Juan Lopez in Erector

The cock-hungry men in Erector are dead-set on raising the hardest wood, blowing the biggest loads and getting the ultimate sexual satisfaction! Seth Santoro and Donnie Dean have an ass-to-ass encounter with a double headed dildo before a flip fuck that moves through an epic progression of creative positions! Adam Bryant slams his wrecking balls into Johnny Ryder’s willing hole, ending in a pool of sweat and cum. Marko Carbo pistons Donnie Dean’s ass so hard, Donnie unloads with Marko still inside him. Derek Atlas and Juan Lopez have a high-impact sexual connection has their thick poles standing at full attention! Erections like skyscrapers and muscles like mountains dominate the screen in Erector, and the action will be sure to get a rise out of you!

Erector Free Action Gallery

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  1. Tom Hakim

    June 22, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Like your site very much it was awesome and I got a hard on just looking at the pictures, and Thank You very Much. Tom Hakim

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