JJ Knight and Ian Greene Get ‘Intimate’ in New FalconStudios.com Update

Director Tony Dimarco Brings Playful, Erotic Sensuality to Life

FalconStudios.com has announced the exclusive world premiere of the debut scene from the sensual, cinematic artistry of award winning director Tony Dimarco from his latest film, Intimate. The first scene from the new release features JJ Knight and Ian Greene in an ‘Intimate’ encounter that explores what turns men on and what they find attractive in other men. The stage is set for their pairing with separate and intermingled interviews of both stars who reveal their strongest desires and attractions ranging from the male anatomy to their favorite sexual positions. The scene from Intimate will debuts on FalconStudios.com today.

Ian Greene and JJ Knight are completely head over heels with each other. Their passion transcends lusty physical instincts and they take their attraction a whole new level when they explore the electricity in each other’s gorgeous bodies. They’re lounging on the couch together in their tighty whities when Ian initiates the fun by arousing JJ with his toes. That’s enough for JJ to stiffen his manhood and Ian doesn’t waste a second getting the massive curved member inside his warm and giving mouth. Ian crawls onto JJ and teases his full erection with his ass as the amorous couple kisses and gets deeper into their passion. Ian turns around to 69 while JJ gives his perfect, hairy bubble butt some attention with his tongue. Both of the athletic studs are ready for the next level of play, and JJ slides his hardon inside of Ian to get ridden hard. They move it to the floor where Ian gets on his back and opens his legs wide for JJ to enter him again. JJ pumps his lover with a steady and measured rhythm until Ian lets loose all over his own muscled up stomach. Knowing that JJ has given his man the ultimate intimate pleasure makes him ready to blow. He pulls out of Ian just in time to feed him a gusher of fun and fills his face and mouth full of cream.

“Ian Greene is a hot new guy that I love to work with and I’m excited we got to pair him with our Exclusive JJ Knight,” says director Tony Dimarco. “JJ and Ian had an intense chemistry on and off camera throughout the shoot and I think it really shows in the scene.”

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